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  1. My question is, if I got one parking and shuttle pass does the shuttle apply to my car or just me? Like does everyone that rides with me also need to buy park and shuttle passes?

  2. i got you! let me breed a goomy real quick and i'll send dm

  3. I’m good the raid event has given me a ton of kantonian meowths.

  4. Hi I have them Pokémon now by any chance do you have the fossil Pokémon ?

  5. Just in a battle will check after that and get back to you

  6. Sure! I’d love that :D which sword exclusives were you needing? c:

  7. I still need gothita, seedot, slurpuff, sawk, mawile, turtonator, farfetch’d, sirfetch’d, darumaka and flapple. I’m fine with touch trading them but I’m looking for a gothita and seedot to keep so I can get the whole line

  8. I can do gotherita & seedot for spritze & the lotad line mon you have if that’s cool! Do you happen to have a hitmonlee & hitmontop we can touch trade? I don’t need them, except for the dex entry if you happen to have them c: but I have pretty much ever mon you listed, minus turtonator :D

  9. Yeah no problem. I have hitmonchan not hitmontop but we can touch trade hitmonchan if you need to

  10. Oh btw I can also touch trade you Zacian as well lol

  11. Thank you very much for the trades. I hope everything is alright on your end!

  12. I have a shiny male nidoran and I’m pretty sure I still have an extra shiny shinx that I can trade when I get home

  13. Turtwig, absol, larvitar, torchic, heracross, steelix, eevee (French), milotic, cyndaquil (German), shinx, pichu, charmander, exeggcute, drifblim, kabuto, gible and relicanth

  14. I just got one but do you have ability capsule?

  15. I have ampharos but I'm interested I exeggcute

  16. Do you have an exeggcute or larvitar I have them both with pokerus

  17. I’ve got swampert, mareep, dewgong, roserade, rapidash, tyranitar, lapras and dragonite and yanma

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