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  1. What you're seeing is the light reflected off of what you're seeing. So if they are 1000s of light years away they will see the light from 1000s of years ago.

  2. Might be a local place. Depends on where you live.

  3. Because there is no universal standard. So everyone chooses their own.

  4. Nothing in my head hears Toby and thinks black guy...

  5. Sounds like you have more issues than just your gf being bi. You automatically think she's lying about her attraction, you have serious trust issues, and are really insecure with yourself. Might want to look into therapy. Bottom line, the entire issue is you, not her or bi-girls

  6. With what? I’ve heard q-tips are counter productive. Also how often..?

  7. They have war wax cleaning kits. You lay on your side and use these eardrums to loosen and dissolve the wax and then use a little water squeeze tube to rinse it out.

  8. I don't know what kind of types you played soccer with, but as a tiny dude, when a big boy came running full force, they usually slowed down because they knew I would be rekt beyond recognition if they didn't. - it's a company league, it's suppose to be fun, not pro league competitive.

  9. I think i may have got mixed up and read the title as football or soccer.

  10. Didn't he sign into law something about unlawfully handling classified materials is a felony, and if convicted, can bar the defendant from holding public office?

  11. I have a PS5 and a 4k tv. Games running in 4k do look amazing, but in the moment I don't really notice a huge difference.

  12. There is a crazy number of variables to even imagine. That's a huge chunk of world history.

  13. Doesn't really prove anything. He was just a child probably repeating something dumb his dad said. Given how he describes his mom, she'd probably smack the crap out of him for saying it.

  14. It should be just fine. At best, it'll show up as a secondary drive. Even if it boots from that one, windows on that one will just act confused with the new hardware. It won't corrupt anything.

  15. Well.... he lived a lot longer than I thought he would given what he attempted.

  16. Just delete the app and don't go to the website

  17. There are plenty of adfree mp3 aps out there.

  18. Some people would rather work 3 jobs if it means they won’t have to rely on the government. Unfortunately, some people are lazy and don’t want to work hard. They do the bare minimum so they can rely on the government

  19. What ever temp you set the AC to, it will run until that temp is reached and then shut off. If you set it colder. It will just run longer.

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