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You got me stone faced

  • By - dvli

  1. I thought it'd be Sharknado for a moment, not actual footage

  2. Free swimming pool🤷‍♂️

  3. Messages can be faked (even spoofed so that their phone has a copy of it and not just a screencap)

  4. Bee hives or ant colonies are the result of basic instincts developed through natural evolution. So is human society, we've evolved to be social creatures, but Jeff docking your pay because your report was late and making you miss a rent payment so that a CEO can afford another sports car is a product of cultural, not natural, evolution. Bees don't make hives out of fear that the queen is going to evict them. No less natural, in the absolute sense of the word, but literally everything that could possibly exist is a product of the natural world, making this usage of the word completely useless.

  5. Culture is nature, and the money spent to buy a sports car doesn't magically disappear (not that it matters as it's just a means of exchange and not an indicator of productive capacity).

  6. Age is always stealing the thunder from skilled assassins! Abolish it so we can kill each other!

  7. People from Beastars seeing a human and going "wtf is that" is now something I want to see

  8. There was 40 feet between them when they stopped to make their play

  9. So weird, why not just explain the risks and prescribe her a birth control? If she refuses the birth control, make her sign a waver stating that she understands the risks... I feel like these are simple solutions.

  10. This, inflexible legal bullshit is at the root of the problem.

  11. Ah I see. Creates racism. And then defends against the racism he creates.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll have to adjust my organ donation form

  13. $0 to literally just talk to god and not go through some middleman who diddles kids

  14. why the fuck would i buy some fancyass sweet potato when i can buy completely normal potatos for half the price

  15. Because they're healthy and not actually expensive. Throw one in the oven and you've got yourself lunch.

  16. Also his pants were pulled down in the second one. Wtf is going down on Mars?

  17. For real, I binged that shit in one whole day and ended up with a variety of emotions.

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