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  1. Play 3rd person moshpit and run high accuracy/ recoil reduction on guns and it's easy

  2. Been doing them all while playing 3rd person moshpit. Just finished shield today, surprisingly not as huge a pain in the ass as I thought, but annoying. Now on to pistols before I finish with smgs

  3. What mode are you playing? You can't switch to third unless you're playing raid or coop, or if you are playing 3rd person directly.

  4. Keep doing double kills with it. The tracker is broken but it will complete when you get 10 of them. - Happened to me as well

  5. You've left this comment on multiple posts in regards to this issue and TBH I didn't believe you. I was certain I had over 10 but it just hit.

  6. Yeah, been happening to every gun that has double kills. At least they added the in game notification that tells u when u complete it

  7. This fine young lad is living in 2123. Jokes aside, that's pretty neat

  8. customization was extremely basic when I actually got in for three minutes. please tell me that’s not all they have planned

  9. As far as this beta and the one from last week, this is all we currently have. The wording though on the UI makes it seem like there is more that is not being shown. Just speculation mixed with some hope at this point because yeah basic is putting it too nicely. Beautiful nonetheless but basic

  10. Honestly a big improvement imo. Too many teams and purple

  11. It's a bug, you did the challenge for that camo else gold wouldn't be available to complete. Same thing happened to me, still shows and incomplete but I have the broadside competed till plat

  12. I can appreciate how far away you ran from that "shitty" situation

  13. its so infuriating tho im just grinding for plat on this gun and i cant get gold because of this stupid bug

  14. You can get it, like the guy above said. Just keep doing them and they will track

  15. 3rd all the way. Love to see the operator I am using, plus the gameplay was actually properly fine tuned for this mode.

  16. No matter what this is the last one I’m buying I enjoy the game and will continue to play but I’m not buying cods anymore

  17. I prob won't either unless newer ones have 3rd person mp modes as well. Story mode is fine but not worth it just for that.

  18. Had this issue tonight with one of my snipers. The progress bar didn't work at all but I guess once I hit the 10 double kills it unlocked at the end of the match when it shows you XP gains and shit.

  19. Aye man I’m just asking for help, some folks won’t have the time to grind or aren’t good enough to get the gun. Appreciate you taking time to let me know your 2 cents.

  20. I mean to be fair, you really need max 2-3 matches to unlock it. Hell 4 at most. But good luck anyways

  21. Honestly love that they added this. My eyes are grateful

  22. Bro..25 double kills with any Marksman rifle. How lazy do you have to be? Unlocked it in 2 matches

  23. So stiletto tempesta has some competition in the rear department

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