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Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, U.S. Agency Now Says

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  1. The British caused millions of people to starve during the war in Bengal and Iran and Churchill was a raging racist/imperialist. Stalin also committed genocide and killed millions of his own citizens. The US imprisoned Japanese Americans in concentration camps. Not anywhere near as bad as the Nazis or Japanese but to call them “good” is morally bankrupt / revisionist.

  2. The outrage this will cause will generate content for numerous alt right YouTubers. Great job keeping people employed 👍

  3. Pretty sure it was the publisher of the book and/or the estate that made the changes, not “Leftists”. I’ve never heard a real person (let alone a leftist) advocate for censoring children’s books. This purely corporate white washing to appeal to mass audiences, akin to a movie studio chopping out parts of a movie to get a specific rating. If anything, it is the right that has been advocating for banning certain literature for going against their “values”. But either way, if I had to guess only a small portion of people on the left or right actually support censorship and this is just more culture war propaganda meant to turn what is an issue of corporate corruption and greed into a left v right issue.

  4. Do you disagree that many on the left think we should be intolerant of racism and deplatform it?

  5. Censoring the word “fat” or “woman” or some off color racial remark from an old kids book is a completely different issue than twitter or YouTube banning someone for racist remarks. The publisher isn’t even an American company. Stop with all of these false equivalencies , straw men, and shifting goal posts, it just makes you look disingenuous. If you have a real criticism of a leftist actually defending this then bring it up and criticize it.

  6. This sounds like one of those “this is what the left wants” conspiracy theories made up by the alt-right.

  7. Not congress or the American people? Imagine Republicans were asked to call their senator and ask them to support sick leave for the rail workers instead of being told to get mad at Pete.

  8. We all know republicans will not do anything and use this as an outlet for partisan attacks and nothing more. I elect democrats because I expect them to do better than republicans, but in a lot of cases they just end up doing nothing. Trump was able to axe the regulations without congress so Biden and Pete can reimplement them. The executive branch also has a lot of power to declare this an emergency, sue the rail companies through the DOJ, investigate with the EPA etc… but so far biden is not doing nearly enough.

  9. Republicans are the party of "one strong man can fix everything." In order to be better than them were going to pin the problems on one man not fixing it?

  10. At the end of the day, if only republicans are willing to wield executive power forcefully then this will just keep happening. Somehow when Trump was president everything was his fault, but we aren’t willing to lay blame at Biden when it’s due. If it continues like this nothing will change.

  11. How is this main character behaviour? It's someone with a stupid opinion.

  12. They have a lack of empathy for people not in their situation and are unable to view the world from anyone’s perspective but their own.

  13. Please stop posting fake MTG/ Lauren Boebart tweets. I always think they’re real.

  14. Sound like it should be “of those who have started saving for retirement, the average saved is “. Most of Gen Z is still under 18 so that would likely mean the average genz savings for people over 18 is double that, meaning they have more saved than millennials who have been in the workforce for ~10 years which just makes no sense.

  15. Because the US has been undermining a peaceful resolution from the start

  16. Yes this war is terrible. Russia should end its war of aggression.

  17. This doesn’t prove that the lab leak happened, and we will probably never know for certain. What this does prove is that the media / tech censorship of anyone discussing this issue was politically rather than scientifically motived. It’s also just more ammo for crazy conspiracy theorists. A massive failure on the part of the governemt and media.

  18. Ratchet effect. This is Joe Biden’s fault, but Trump is a hypocrite and it is also his fault.

  19. Not talking about the linesmen. Talking about the shitty company they work for that neglects routine maintenance

  20. I don’t do much database anymore but when I did I had to do typical CRUD and complex reports. I avoid ORMS and code generators and sqlx doesn’t like nested structs, which I found useful for type reuse in complex queries.

  21. Hispanic is considered an ethnicity rather than a race. California is actually majority white if you count white hispanics.

  22. As long as the framing and electrical were done correctly, it’s all just cosmetic

  23. I was curious what their argument was and jesus christ. It's because girls younger than 15 can get pregnant so allowing them to marry the father of the child is the responsible thing to do to ensure it grows up in a stable household. ....What the fuck. How do people vote for this?

  24. I could understand it if the other person getting married is around the same age. Otherwise how would this not be statutory rape? Is the age of consent in Wyoming like 14 or something?

  25. Check out all of these sources if you want to see scientific evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous than COVID:

  26. What the hell has this guy done, all I know is he took parental leave while we had ships stacked outside the ports for weeks.

  27. He dropped out of the primary just in time to make sure Bernie didn’t win.

  28. So Trump repealed the safety upgrades, but Buttigieg has failed to reinstate them. Sounds like Trump got lucky. This could easily have happened on his watch.

  29. It’s almost like putting incompetent, corrupt narcissists in charge of vital infrastructure and government functions is a bad idea.

  30. Imperialism and murdering innocent people is only bad when America does it. If you disagree you are an imperialist nato shill.

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