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  1. Because it actually happened, apparently. I guess a transphobe got tomato soup thrown at her during a protest, threw a tantrum over it, and called the whole thing off.

  2. Ngl this sounds funny as hell can we do this?

  3. Who needs saves lmao, just forcecage them and then microwave them with sickening radiance

  4. The forcecage spell states that spells can't be cast into it. Additionally, sickening radiance is a con save. Sorry but this is a nonbo, especially against front liners that likely have high con saves.

  5. Just use the cage variant, high con save doesn't matter, they have to roll 100 of them. They'll fail 6 eventually

  6. Oh you right, I misread the spell and didn’t realise it had multiple shapes. That works well over time then

  7. Watching Arthmoor with his own sockpuppet defending himself in a community he was banned from for being a douchebag is such tantalising irony

  8. Whats it with mod users and concpiracy theories… it ain’t that deep

  9. It’s because there are a lot of popular mod authors with massive egos and shit personalities, so these kinds of power trips and struggles to stay relevant aren’t exactly uncommon

  10. Ok I’ll agree that Jar Jar was fcking annoying but he was such an iconic character. Star Wars would be less if it didn’t have him

  11. This is his unhinged way of saying he liked the show Sandman

  12. I know it’s good value, it just seems quite unimpressive for them

  13. Something tells me that getting record profits won’t lead to record wages or record bonuses…

  14. I’m quite surprised that it’s a planeswalker card, I expected a creature card since this case of her reforming after death into like an ascendant state is similar to [[Soul of Windgrace]]

  15. This seems like an extremely restrictive item for, while not a bad effect, something definitely not worth the sacrifice. Additionally, it has the damage of a greatsword for some reason

  16. It isn’t really a sacrifice if you’re a martial

  17. I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you that magic items are magic. Having multiple is better than just this one

  18. Honestly now I’m concerned that sets and stories in the future will just be a mashup of planes and characters with little rhyme or reason. Like I can imagine people from Amonkhet going elsewhere (though I doubt because that would likely involve abandoning Hazoret) but mtg isn’t largely full of “adventuring” types. Like I’m dreading the concept of Kaldheim berserkers fighting Innistrad vampires

  19. Brutish orcs are hot I don’t make the rules

  20. I was so confused I thought this post was on a trans subreddit and I was like “I didn’t expect another niche fandom in this meme”

  21. It’s not promoting “perpetual childhood” If they’re literal children

  22. Fine I’ll write a Brimaz x Ajani smut fic followed by a chapter of Brimaz sobbing over Ajani’s compleation

  23. How come Urabrask is basically just a rogue?

  24. I’m not even a furry but the first thing I noticed was that pouch of schmeat

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