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  1. Honestly I got rudys nat 2.0 enb and just installed eso collection (look it up on yt he’ll guide you through the installation and most of the post installation stuff) however I uninstalled the higher end textures for 2-4K uninstalled all the grass and tree mods and installed my own (little trees and northern grass) uninstalled dynamic fires and populated cities and all the weather mods cause the enb covers it then installed some armor and weapons and full set of animations and I’m living life with a stable 60 fps every where besides some drops here and there in cities but nun big (I’ll drop to 40 or 50) it’s very new modder friendly but installing stuff and patching and getting everything loaded correctly can be a bitch even with all the help lol

  2. you say that, but they didn't tell people about the date of the next day1 raid race until less than a month in advance, and it's on a friday. thus most people who have deadlines to request PTO can't take PTO because its basically always at least a month in advance.

  3. I don’t enhance, I sell everything I get, and I got to 680 gs in 3-4 months with help from season + jetina then grinding sulfur and recently cents for 3-4 hours a day working 8 hrs and I’m glad I didn’t fall for the dopamine of enhancing 😂 but ggs to the one tappers out there you guys lucky asf

  4. I wish i could grind 4hours a day when i work 9h a day, and get home ultra tired

  5. Hey man I’m an iron worker there ain’t a day I’m not tired but bdo is a great stress reliever to me though I did almost fall asleep a few times 😂

  6. Stop blocking my bullets Limbo! uses a MK 1 Braton in a sortie and has a nikana prime equipped. It was mobile defense

  7. Lmao tamer damage looks nuts but what you see and the 20 skills that guy just did to kill you are a little different

  8. I’d go check it out and if you can get a carfax done on it and all that and if everything looks good 3k is an ok deal but if it doesn’t look so good try to get it down to 1 or 2k or whatever you think it’s worth after checking it out

  9. You better make friends now cause that mf decides whether your gear succeeds or not 😂

  10. Look I know it’s 2022 and I’m not homophobic but gay people that try too hard to be gay and use or have that high pitch voice just gets to me for some reason (James Charles) “Hiiiiii Sisterrrrrsss” 🍑

  11. Honestly I’ve played both. About 800 hours in destiny2 and around 350 hours in bdo (currently playing bdo, left destiny behind) and I gotta say I love em both man for different reasons but that’s mostly preference and I don’t mind the grind both games offer however I will say the combat and combos you pick up in bdo make the grind fun however in bdo you will have to experiment with different classes and what you might like but if you’re not into grinding I’d stay away

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