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  1. oh very much the ships thing happens, I'm not even in those communities and have seen it.

  2. Of course, and that's ultimately the problem with this. They were right to shut down the Anna thing immediately (or, better yet, NOT de-age Anna for no apparent reason. It went against how the character was always used in Fire Emblem games, the 'money-grubbing merchant' concept didn't make sense for a 11 year old...shit, if it was about getting money from the creeps into CP shit, there ALREADY WAS a character like that in the game before Anna came in)- but taking all of it out made things somehow even grosser and low-key proved they were hypocrites about the whole problem in the first place.

  3. well now I know a lot of context then. I haven't played any fire emblems, I knew there was talk about that one and the pedo stuff, but now it's like..yeah so THAT is why everyone's upset about it.

  4. Yeah, and in the context of this game it was far worse for it (at least Anna was an optional character. The very first woman character you meet in the game was a child in appearance and actions, who loves your character THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much, and was so lovey-dovey for the character you can literally give her a piece of horse shit and she's excited you gave it to her [I am not making this up, that is something you can do in this game], so the "CP bait" was already covered.

  5. The consistency part is a lack of good management. His win /loss record I think could be blamed on his salary at the time baseball players weren’t being paid that much compared to now. His salary ate a lot of the budget of theteams he played on. On a big market team with today’s pitcher management I think the world would think differently of him.

  6. Big market isn't the issue- Nolan Ryan never played a game for a team that wasn't in the top 10 largest media markets in the US (New York 1, Los Angeles 2, Houston 8, Dallas (Arlington) 5.) Likewise, his salary would increase as everyone else's salary increased with time- if he's making 1 million a year in the 1970s, he'd be making 200-300 million in 2023.

  7. And related to that, the "if Black people were allowed to play any of the top players in MLB would be lucky to come off the bench in the low-minors" related form. It would have been a mix of the best Black players and the best white players as well- but yes, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, etc. would have all still been elite players even if Black players were playing.

  8. That is most likely true, but imo the exclusion of the entire Black baseball-playing population is significant. Since I'm not comfortable with counter-historical what-ifs, the best I can say is that pre-integration baseball gets a big old asterisk from me, much like pre-women's-suffrage "democracy" does.

  9. While it is significant, there's also proof of this without counter-historical what-ifs, since there already is a pretty glaring legitimate historical double standard in play for the issue (Negro League teams and MLB teams/ MLB All-Star teams would regularly play exhibition games at the time. For the Negro League players, these games are treated as legitimate, real games that prove how amazing every player, even the worst player on the bench, would be against the MLB players in the pros...but for the MLB players, they're treated as just playing an exhibition game and that anything they did against the Negro League team was completely worthless.)

  10. I know anime gets weird with clothing especially with female character but this is a whole new level her clothes are literally groping her wtf

  11. How weird can it be? This is just a garden variety AI picture that went a little wrong.

  12. Is there a whole list of "anti-drug commercials made by famous drug users", whether active (this, the Jake Roberts "Say no to Drugs" WWF PSA) or connected (the PSA where the kid said "I don't want to do drugs, so I can be a great ballplayer like Darryl Strawberry"), etc.

  13. I'd argue yes; the basketball HOF is so watered down and inclusive pretty much anyone who has something slightly above average (or are average with the right extra) has a chance of getting in.

  14. Which is why it was best when he said "it's Like a Dragon time" and Like a Dragon'ed all over the place.

  15. A man's spirit withers with inaction. Give him a just cause and he'll gladly die for it, give him nothing and he'll find one, just or not.

  16. Even beyond unjust causes, the real problem is "self-preservation is the most just cause in the world." More than a just cause, it's a belief that everyone else is the enemy who are trying to hurt them because they're rejecting them- and from there, the unjust cause "if you're all against me, then I'm now against all of you", and from there the bomber's unjust cause of "if I have to go, I can take as many of you with me as possible" becomes their just cause to die for.

  17. Yes. And that's ultimately the problem where society was changing to give respect and kindness to everyone, but it seemed to fall apart and now everyone is filled with even more hatred for people, and separating that hatred more and more until it is basically "you against the world". That's going to make things even more of a problem, where it can go "we make the last boost for a fully peaceful world society that can start on the big issues", or "World War III happens and it's battle royale mode; every human fights to the last one standing, who dies attacking the mirror."

  18. I was born 9 months after February, my sister was premature, but also would have been 9 months from February…I’m not happy I did this math…

  19. 9 months from my expected due date was my mother's birthday. I feel you.

  20. ...add a 10th month to the mix and it's closer to my parents' anniversary.

  21. But, on the opposite side, shooting from the outside would be worthless in that time period (with no three-pointer, all the great outside shooting would just be a long two) it also falls against the traditional logic that kept centers playing at the hoop (if you had the tall boy on the outside to make shots, you're basically taking your best hope of getting the rebound away if the shot misses.)


  23. Yeah- it works there, but outside of it, I think "Guardians", I think of how a baseball fan would mock Cardinals fans, not about Cleveland fans.

  24. I'm not wrong and I grasp at nothing. He raped a child and deserves zero accolades. End of story.

  25. You are wrong, you are grasping at straws, and you didn't give a shit that he raped a child until it let you have an excuse to not honor a stat line because the gambling rustled your jimmies. End of story.

  26. I literally just gave you another HOFer similar to Rizzuto. There are plenty of others who are worse. Off the top of my head High Pockets Kelly, Lloyd Waner, Rabbit Marranville, Bill Mazeroski, again… Harold Baines…

  27. None of those players equal to Rizzuto basically got in because they used their position as announcer for a MLB team to whine about how they weren't in the Hall until the HOF finally put them in just to shut them up about it. If Rizzuto wasn't the Yankees' announcer and pulling that shit he doesn't make it.

  28. Curious what happens if WWE does get sold to one of the big networks especially if it happebs before their new TV deals are signed. That would leave a former wrestling hosting network with a slot open to potentially to go after AEW. Like does Smackdown leave FOX at the end of their deal if NBC buys WWE? Would be wild if FOX became a bidder and moved Dynamite and potentially Rampage to their channel. Though given the Masked singers popularity Dynamite would likely be moved to Tuesdays while they could give Rampage Smackdowns slot and extend it to 2 hours.

  29. Many TV shows are on one network but produced/owned by another network. If WWE is sold to a big network, there wouldn't inherently be any problem.

  30. It’s not necessarily ridiculous that folks who may have never played pro baseball /sports or even made or to the minor leagues of the sports they cover — have a vote as to who gets into the hall of fame — but maybe the votes of writers should only count for a certain percentage of the vote — while the vote of former players , coaches and executives counts for a higher percentage. While we are at it — let’s change the voting system for the all star games — fans have too much say in that. Too often it turns into a popularity event as opposed to who is the best that season at that point . See how fans like that .

  31. Fans have a higher tendency to be bias . Eliminating them from the equation would be best

  32. Well, as I've said, a smaller part of the equation is necessary for fans, but I think fans in the equation helps the HOF voting in a way. Of course They can't have 100% of the power due to "fans are assholes and can't be trusted with nice things", but I'd argue when it comes to a Hall of Fame, fans' bias of "popularity contest" is a necessary bias to get a more even HOF, since by and large "the most popular players" will also be the people who were some of the best players over a long-term period.

  33. Nashville oughta be on this list when they get their team

  34. Of course; it goes without saying that MLB will speed a All Star Game right to Nashville, Vegas, Montreal, Portland, or whichever cities get expansion/relocation/a new stadium.

  35. Everything being said about the BBWA is true and at this point it is totally unsurprising that this happened, but nobody gets this close without making it in time. He will get there.

  36. Yeah- once you hit 70% of the ballot, you're absolutely getting in next year (and in all likeliness, once you hit 60% of the ballot you will probably get in.) This is a wash.

  37. Coors is a big thing though. We watched guys that were good go there and become great. We saw people regularly have 30-40 point spikes in avg and OBP, we saw guys go from 40 dbls and 20 hrs to 40 hrs and 20 dbls. Helton has 61.8 total WAR, he’s the definition of a borderline case. Those guys take time.

  38. If you're going to hold players who played for the Rockies against them HOF wise because they played in Denver, then MLB should give up the ghost and force the Rockies to relocate or disband. You want a team in Denver, you can't hold players who played for them against them come HOF time.

  39. I would say Rolen gets that title since he, you know, is a HoFer.

  40. Ha. Forgive me. I am clearly getting old and forgetful. I am blaming it on also having red uni’s.

  41. No problem, forgive me- I woke up and saw your line and was obviously a little cranky.

  42. This is past "shouldn't be in" and goes to "dude. Did Scott Rolen run over your dog or something?"

  43. Boston fan in every sport but baseball. However, I evade your rule as it was my great-grandfather who became a Yankees fan. As an Italian immigrant it was only natural that he should cheer for DiMaggio and Lazzeri.

  44. Surprising for baseball; I know a lot of strong Italian populations had a subsection of Dodgers fans because the Dodgers were seen as the Italian team when they were in Brooklyn.

  45. That Italian connection might’ve been later, I don’t have a working knowledge of the Dodgers’ roster in the ‘30s

  46. Yeah, since you said in a different comment he was from Rhode Island, that's a little of what Rhode Island viewed the Dodgers as (to the point there's still a small connection of Dodgers fans there.)

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