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  1. Christians live by the Life of Christ not claiming that our lives belong to ourselves and we live to give Credit to God and especially not ourselves. This is the fundamental difference between someone with Christ and someone not. *I had a very good friend with a similar story. The problem isn't you obviously, the problem is people who don't believe in Christ have different priorities and potentially a different set of principles.

  2. I'm new to this sub only about a week and have had both good & not so good experiences. I'm sorry it's changed so much though for many people here.

  3. I really have been through a lot of doubt about this. Family and friends have said this was the wrong thing to do. But then it was hard to discern between human wisdom and God what God would will, which makes human wisdom look foolish. But I’ve decided that so many have told me not to do this that I’m going to kick him out. I feel for him but this city has a lot of resources if he wants to try.

  4. God did this whole thing. I felt like i was just watching it happen and most of the time i was in calling this crazy and asking God what was going on. It was definitely challenging and humbling. I learned so much. I remember asking God when he first brought me to him in May how he was going to change a loner like me. We change in retionshiops and circumstances. I kept myself very closed off. Well he brought people right into my home lol. God indeed is amazing. He knows how each of us work.

  5. This is just wonderful thank you. And hey, I learned another thing I can ask my spouse to do, how about that =)

  6. Thank you for this message and absolutely. I rarely if ever address a verse all by itself since is too easy to misinterpret it. I do suggest others do the same.*

  7. I just checked you posted something similar to this 2 days ago.

  8. The Biblical Account as a whole both Old & New is about encompassing the behaviors of all mankind with the Final Answer being the Salvation of Christ Jesus. That being said the Scriptures are specific to not only historic circumstance but to the person the verse is Interceding for.

  9. I'm sorry this is happening to you but I've heard and seen this sort of thing happen.

  10. I'm very glad for you. My husband has recently had a Christ Revelation and that journey I watch closely. Really, God is simply teaching Him Lessons along the way, the Holy Spirit will work to keep you safe. I'm very glad for you very encouraging! Thanks for posting and God Bless!

  11. Good post. We need Christ & Scriptures to guide what injustice is to Align with God's Will.

  12. Things aren't looking so good for all the slaughterhouse workers out there I guess...

  13. That is true but with God nothing is Impossible. I remember as a child suffering the strangest things and my confidence was immediately returned to me. God is always there to help. I have faith God's Intervention is always with us and the innocent next generations who are going to inherit what we leave for them, both good & bad.

  14. Christ Knows you very well I'm sure as long as you've established a Relationship with Him. When we're Established, nothing really goes "wrong" except how we interpret our lives or events within them and ultimately how we feel about them can effect our faith.

  15. 2000+ years now. What keeps it fresh? The Revelation of Christ happening in the lives of people every single day.

  16. Sounds like heaven I can’t even imagine what that is like over there from living in a city it sucked the life out of nature.

  17. You definitely did, is the place as beautiful as they make it out to be in movies 😂

  18. Tbh even more. The breeze is perfect and constant. The mixture of lightly salted ocean air with thick rich greenery is just relaxing. It only sprinkles soft warm rain about once a day. And because it's an island its the freshest air I ever breathed. I miss that part lol.

  19. I think first being aware of the prospect of being saved is a few steps ahead of:

  20. My husband at the age of 42 converted to Christ just last fall. We read NASB but I do recommend NIV & ESV since they are easy to read. I also recommend cross referencing verses if you get stuck on something, like a word or the entire verse. There's fairly good commentary on Bible Gateway but that is my preference.

  21. Omg that's so sweet of you.🥰 Tysm. I don't have fb or other social media, just this and a discord. Going at my pace is fabulous, I'm a combination of stop and slow. Lol. It's often I need a lot of time to digest. I'm trying to recenter and refocus rn even. I agree with you, spiritual work is paramount.

  22. Oh yes stop & slow is speed I used lately too lol. Well I'll be here and whatever you need then =))

  23. =)) I feel as though should say I make myself available for further questions if you wanted. I have an old post on this group where I offered to anyone wanting to learn some things that I would personally and at their own pace make connections with them.

  24. Yeah it's not limited to churches. My husband recently got a job where it's all Christian and they invited all 60 office workers to hang out together for a week. 4 people reported positive for Covid while roughly another 4 got other illnesses because of contact. My husband is still sick from germs & a cold. It's been almost 2 weeks now.

  25. I would definitely stay where it is safest for you. If you believe in Christ, the Lord Will deal with specifics later. Right now you need to get spiritually stable because that is the priority.

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