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Volcanic eruption from above.

I can't help but look.

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🔥 Endless valley in Norway

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  1. It's a brushtail possum. They sometimes nest in boats, or otherwise end up washed out to sea. This one didn't make it to safety.

  2. Here is a run down of some typical, possible explanations. Lately, planes and meteors have been causing sonic booms.

  3. The snake is covered with green “hair” algae. Normally it would shed and this would not be an issue, but there may be some problem with this animal where it cannot shed or that the algae growth was particularly rapid. Thai wildlife investigator Nick Chomngam posted to his YouTube channel a video showing him examining the snake in person. He identifies it as Homalopsis nigroventralis (Deuve’s Water Snake, also known as “Deuve’s Mud Snake” or the “Mekong Masked Water Snake”). The video is in Thai, so I miss his commentary, but it definitely is an algae issue. This snake inhabits stagnant waters loaded with algae growth that seems to have coated the scales of the snake, but not its belly. Other snakes in shallow water environments may also experience algae growth but this is an extreme case. In

  4. News headlines that state how many bees always make my eyes roll. 60k bees is one healthy hive. Its very very easy to relocate a hive, if the whole hive was taken. The article didnt say how the bees were taken, or if the hive is missing, or if it was JUST the bees gone. Bees will abscond (abandon) hives occasionally, so if their hive is still there but the bees are gone, theres a chance the bees left.

  5. I noticed this too. However, it is winter in PA. The weather has been VERY cold for several weeks so the bees are not active. Since they seem to pinpoint two days when they disappeared, it seems unlikely the bees left on their own.

  6. Without comparison pics of the scene in the daytime and from other angles, these are pretty much worthless speculation.

  7. We've waited since the 1940s. When can we expect this "rude awakening"? Every day that goes by with no better evidence of "ET Reality" suggests that it's less likely to be true. Sounds very much like Jesus' return at this point.

  8. what are you on man? There are videos now being released by the US military and intelligence services, and politicians actually discussing the topic. To me, the idea of disclosure is now a distinct reality and so much closer than anything we've had previously. The wheels are in motion on this thing.

  9. Maybe if you’ve been around as long as I have and are less impressed by dramatic hand waiving and poor reasoning, you’d get my drift. It’s entirely hype and unimpressive.

  10. There are hundreds of movies - old and new. Check out the book Cryptid Cinema.

  11. You can very easily switch electricity suppliers. It's right on the PPL website. I pay a lot less for a 100% renewable energy supplier. But if you aren't savvy about it, you will pay more. This is not really news. And it has little to do with politics.

  12. The woman's guilty as sin and I hope she's convicted ASAP, but she is allowed to put up a defense, and it's not a failing on the judge's part to allow her to do so. This headline seems to imply otherwise, and that's a very dangerous precedent to set.

  13. I agree. Loftus' work is on the up and up, and people's memories are easily manipulated, but that does not mean that the case against Maxwell is bogus. I hate the idea that witnesses' small errors mean their testimony gets discarded if everything else lines up. The problem arises when one witness carries the whole case.

  14. I'd bet this photo was enhanced, though the place is real - Stryn Valley, Norway.

  15. This is so dumb. Law enforcement loves to scare people. They are detached from reality.

  16. I'm not sure what's worse, the pandemic or the growing plague of empathy fatigue in the vaccinated population who just can't care about ridiculous people anymore. I know I'm severely infected with the latter.

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