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  1. I have a friend from New Orleans who thinks The Pelicans is a legit good name for his team because it’s the state bird. I think he’s crazy, but we do agree that Utah needs to send the Jazz name back to New Orleans. He thinks Utah should be called The Mormoni. I lean towards the Utah Tabernackles!

  2. The disrespect to Jack Sikma and Dennis Johnson and the Supersonics’ only championship team

  3. Do you have some examples of people being kidnapped (not attacked) by other animals? I’d like to see how those people talked about their experiences well after the fact.

  4. Would you like me to send you videos on this being talked about in the early 80s from acclimated academics? It's no theory. These are basic government and military operations. Covert and conspiracy theories are not the same

  5. I’m confused about your question. MK Ultra was a conspiracy before it was declassified. Most of the conspiracies today have a long history. Name a conspiracy, and I’ll tell you how long it’s been a thing.

  6. Yeah, I didn’t phrase my question very well. I’m basically asking if there was much public speculation about MKUltra or MKUltra type programs before it was officially confirmed. With UFOs, you have a whole community investigating various theories— was there a comparable community sniffing around MKUltra that was ultimately vindicated once it was verified.

  7. Michael is tied for highest recorded vertical jump at 48”. He’s also got the largest hands ever for a guard. So he’s already starting off with massive physical advantages.

  8. It depends on what’s revealed. I mean, if it turned out that dogs were actually an intelligent alien species that befriended us, that would probably make me happy

  9. So many variables here. What would the invasion look like? My guess is that I’d go on with my life until I had a compelling reason to change. For instance, if Russia decided to invade the U.S., they’d probably start in Alaska. Pretty scary, but I suspect I’d still go to work in the morning, then start buying emergency supplies afterward.

  10. Timmy is my favorite player, but any case you can make for him being GOAT works double for Bill Russell. Can you be GOAT because of your defense? If yes, it’s hard not to choose Russell. Can you be GOAT because of team leadership? If yes, again, it’s hard not to choose Bill Russell. Can you be GOAT because of consistency of success? Once again, why not choose Russell? If these are the most important metrics, the best Timmy can be is number 2. I’m totally open to that, though.

  11. Fully understood, but the best argument for Duncan > Russell lies in offense. Timmy's career is littered with clutch offensive performances. His first playoff game ever in 1998 had a 28 point 2nd half, on the road, to win a game they were losing by 5 at halftime. In Game 7 of the 2015 first round he hit the 2 free throws to tie it late as part of a 10pt 4th qtr (4/4 fg). There were a few moments in between.

  12. Unfortunately, we don't have the detailed splits for Bill Russell, but he never lost a game 7 or a loser-goes-home game in the NBA. That implies that he was pretty clutch. His average stats also increase in game sevens at a similar rate to Tim Duncan's. If I were to play the odds, I'd pick Bill Russell in a deciding game before I'd pick Timmy.

  13. Was this the Rockets team that streaked while Yao and T-Mac were injured?

  14. He feels like a two time champion to me. He might get a third, but not as first option. He may be a Brook Lopez later in his career.

  15. “I don’t appreciate the condescending tone. Take care.”

  16. If you can save up some money and get some good references, I’d go ahead and quit. This is also when it’s good to have a side hustle like Uber or Instacart to tide you over while looking for something more steady. Honestly, don’t settle for toxic work environments.

  17. I think “talented” is different from “best”. Steph is an elite 3-point and free throw shooter, but he’s not quite as great inside. Wilt or Shaq are probably best inside, and MJ was elite from mid-range on in. But I think players like Larry Bird and Kevin Durant were elite at just about any type of scoring, so I’d go with one of them. In fact, I’ll say Larry Bird, just because I don’t think anyone else has mentioned him.

  18. That there are some small details you focus on that I think are insignificant. Not necessarily in a bad way.

  19. I suppose we could still imagine the UFOs are camouflaging themselves as stars by flying in the same position relative to the ship…

  20. The secret must be pretty bad and easy for the public to screw up. Like, what if building a nuclear bomb was as simple as sticking an apple in a blender with a pine cone? How would you keep people from blowing the whole world up in two seconds?

  21. I was looking for this comment. I heard it somewhere years ago about post-nut clarity, which is also a great band name.

  22. Yeah, you’re just in the wrong sub. R/UFOs is about UFO sightings; there are other subs devoted to Alien Abductions. Also, there are plenty of podcasts devoted to abductions— it’s a well visited topic in the new media.

  23. I will never understand why this video got so much attention. Nothing about it looks real

  24. Even if Sactown just makes the 2 seed, that’s pretty damn impressive! Historic? Well, it’ll be recorded for sure

  25. Back in the 70s I think he would’ve won an MVP a la Wes Unseld, Dave Cowens or Bill Walton.

  26. I agree with what everybody else is saying about the lighter load in college, but we’re also talking about a tournament. NBA players load manage during the regular season, not the playoffs.

  27. I wouldn’t trust anyone in particular. Take what they say as data and compare and contrast it with other data as time goes on. Use any data as a point of departure for further investigation. It’s only in aggregate that any of it is worth anything.

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