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I flew over Burning Man last night.

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  1. Yep. And considering you don’t have any tolerance at all. You’d 100% pass out before then. The only way to do so would be from eating a BUNCH of high dose edibles. A bit more calculated milligrams than what’s on the label considering some will be broken down before it can have any effect

  2. Third to last = Shiga Toxin. I had Shigellosis about 8 years ago. Bacterial dysentery. Damned near died of acute kidney failure. Some little kid put his fingers in my mouth. Apparently they had shit on them.

  3. Some idiot blew a whistle, time for 75% of us to get killed in 30 seconds...

  4. You haven't drank water your whole life and you don't think you're going to get laughed at? 😂

  5. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. You act like you're not susceptible to ridicule after posting in a public forum. An LSD forum nonetheless talking about your piss. It just seems like a dumb post. Stay mad. Reported you too.

  6. Def not if I'm dating a hoochie that gon post my location on IG 🤣 she gon live w that for the rest of her dam life

  7. Maybe each guy thought they were the only one. Seems like that's the case. Only she knew that she was two-timing both of them.

  8. Niggas dont really care about eachother…just screaming “free ___” to post it on instagram

  9. Just agreeing with the original comment. I'm not racist, but this is why it exists

  10. I remember way back when we went to the “last” phish concert, in Coventry VT

  11. Ah, Coventry.. 3.0 phan here, just watched the documentary on YouTube about it. Dark times. I did curveball and people said even that was better than Coventry.

  12. Been saying this from the beginning but a lot of people want him to be guilty so fucking bad it’s pathetic.

  13. I think people just hope that the justice system doesn't fail us again with rich people.

  14. JS for anyone who saw my post...the "court of public opinion" has been used by racist to dismantle anything they dont like and kill people - which is why we have real court in the first place.

  15. Yeah because the justice system doesn't absolve rich people like it did with OJ or Epstein.

  16. Reminds of the video were this guys try to rob someone who was pumping gas and and he sprayed gas all on them and inside their car

  17. That happened right near me in Tewksbury MA. It was a lady. My boy was working the register that night

  18. I came here because I was stressed at work. I was not disappointed.

  19. I wonder why she didn't say hi tho, did they match on tinder or something? Genuinely curious.

  20. This is twitter, he had just followed me, and this message was then sitting in my DMs lol

  21. Yeah, weird. It doesn't even seem like he said 'hi' in the first place lol, he just kind of expected you to say hi after he followed you .? Is that right?

  22. Of course she’s getting downvoted for the truth, America is the main reason for world poverty resulting in every evil that occurs in today’s world. The families who run the world and the corporation America are the reason for Mexico’s ritualistic carnage, nothing has changed since the early days, the deaths are all sacrifices.

  23. The main reason Mexico is a shit country is because of it's shit culture.

  24. Do women actually read "the subtle art of not giving a fuck" ?

  25. My bf died in April from a heart attack from blow - he had other underlying health issues like asthma, sleep apnea, and weight issues - shit is for real. Everyone thought it was fent but it was blow. Shit gets real. Glad ur alive. real

  26. I mostly went to western Mass, like Holyoke and Springfield, but we went to Lowell/Haverhill/Lawerence when a friend moved to NH. They were females, and would call and meet the guys in their car. My old connect who was the biggest junkie I ever knew, always said Lowell had the highest purity. Dude used to do bundle shots, seriously. I still talk to him, he owns a tattoo shop in CT. When my friends neighbor got caught with the Lowell bags, they were tiny red and green ziplocks, the crime lab tested it at 96%.

  27. Lowell is filled with fentanyl now. I graduated from UML right before COVID.

  28. I got a hookup in New England (I have no Affiliation). Gotta go there in person tho. No shipping. Not gonna post it publicly, is there an ability to private message in Reddit? I'm a N00b

  29. I did a 4 day binge.. I'm not feeling tingly at all, but I feel mentally foggy and very fatigued. Am I fucked? Do I need to go to the hospital? Should I get better in time with sublingual B12? Thanks

  30. Hey bro. I have a 5lb and a 15lb. I got the 15 filled on thursday (pretty good gas) and I did it over the weekend. Finished it on Sunday. Though I didn't get any tingling, I got very very fatigued and mental fog that hasn't really gone away (it's Tuesday). I've been supplementing b12.. am I fucked? Did I do permanent brain damage or will this fog go away? Do I need a B12 shot? I get sort of dizzy walking around.

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