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  1. The worst thing they do is drag you down to their level, which makes you doubt yourself when they say that you are the one with a problem. I didn't recognize myself at all when things were bad. It's rough being with someone who makes you the worst version of yourself. Takes time to come back from that.

  2. This isn't a programming language. It's a data lake.

  3. Congratulations! Glad to hear you're seeing someone and having a healthy relationship.

  4. Reading this really makes me smile and gives me so much hope. Its almost like I can't wait to experience this myself. Been wondering lately how it would be to date someone who is healthy and these are exactly others experiences I hoped to read:)

  5. That's just the tip of the iceberg, too. I find myself being lifted up and encouraged by them, by their care, generosity and support. When I speak, they listen to what I say and give me a thoughtful response instead of attacking me.

  6. Because you don't understand what free speech is?

  7. Rich, coming from someone who wishes for people rot in hell.

  8. They likely taught you some web development but not how to code. Basic design patterns and data structures would not have been covered. Good enough for a small bit of front end development but advanced concepts in web development t would not have been covered.

  9. You don't need to know those things to get a job in the field. And a job in the field is arguably the best way to learn.

  10. The Futurulogical Congress calls it psychem and benignimizers.

  11. She remembered things very differently than I did. Agreements weren't worth anything; she'd retroactively go back and change it to be more favorable to her. Every single time. She accused me of gaslighting her, and told me several times to either go see a doctor for my terrible memory, or start recording our conversations when agreeing on something. So I began recording.

  12. You dont get to dictate where someone else draws their boundaries. Ever.

  13. A journey without a destination cannot be delayed.

  14. I mean he values a woman that is conservative with both her body and appearance. When the hell did this become so scary? Lol

  15. You are conflating literally one mans values and trying to turn it into a some sort of rallying cry that it is not. You can only bleed a stone so much. He’s allowed to value a woman with the attributes he is looking for however he likes. Just like a woman could leave a relationship if the man is suddenly not providing enough for her needs. Having expectations is not a bad thing. If a woman can’t meet what he wants she is free to find somebody else just like he is.

  16. I mean, STF Network is absolutely fantastic, but they do still mostly play their main system of Starfinder, so I know that not exactly what you are asking! Their twitch show, STF & Friends does have more variety, though - shorter arcs with guests to gm and play, and they've played Starfinder and Pathfinder 2e so far

  17. You are saying, take responsibility for it and deal it one my own right that's something I've tried. But just as you agreed "you talk about it" and i did, if you are trying to take responsibility.... shouldn't your partner at least try to put efforts to help you, moreover help your relationship?

  18. It depends on what that entails. What did you ask her to do?

  19. You're at AITA for a judgment, but you're not giving a lot of information.

  20. No, not at all. I wish her the best and hope she finds someone who can give her what she needs to be truly happy. I'm relieved that it's no longer my struggle.

  21. The problem here is simply that the approach they're using is wrong. No matter what; making code readable won't help if your approach is very inefficient.

  22. If I wanted to split hairs, I could make the point that making the code more readable would make that more obvious for someone reading the code.

  23. I wish this was the norm! This is anecdotal of course, but your company is sadly the exception to the rule in my past year, and dozens of interviews. What I have seen, by far, is solve this problem in a ridiculously short amount of time and do it with minimal code, minimal runtime, minimal storage as possible:

  24. She clearly didn't understand the issue at all. NTA.

  25. He was looking out for her, and she rejected it. Several times.

  26. Yep. And he's not at fault. But that's not the same thing as there not being anything else he COULD have done, even if his choices in this particular case were quite slim as a direct result of her behavior.

  27. Why? She's an adult, making her own decisions. Why is it HIS responsibility to make sure SHE has money so she can treat him like crap?

  28. I'm not saying it was his responsibility. I said it's something he could have done. Her judgement was clearly lacking, and while he shouldn't need to, he could have pushed more.

  29. A girl was coming on to him, but he wasn't interested and stayed respectful. How does that make him creepy? Because he had confidence?

  30. NTA. You could have just laughed and invited them to call the cops. It could go one of two ways. Either the cops come and join in on laughing at them, or the manager backpedals because you exposed their scam.

  31. Or how your God damned search box loses focus after typing one word in it.

  32. Or has a placeholder text you need to delete because it's not removed when you click the box.

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