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Roe v. Wade Megathread

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  1. How do you hit someone in a Tesla? I genuinely thought it was impossible bc the technology in the car would brake for you.

  2. Or maybe that’s marketing hype? Of course Elon Musk would never lie to us. He only has our best interest at heart.

  3. Yeah he’s totally altruistic. No but I really thought the 7 radars that scan the road 10 million times a second would have prevented this. But I don’t know shit, I was just assuming that because of their autonomous driving features.

  4. Police have a long history of going after unions and the common people.

  5. Pigs only have two jobs violence and protecting rich people. Treat them like garbage in any way you can.

  6. Could not agree more. Thugs parading around in Gestapo costumes under the guise of ‘serve and protect’ haha they then they went on strike because we didn’t call them all ‘brave handsome heroes.’ Giant but fragile ego, tiny pp, gang mentality, proclivity for violence, pigs are dangerous animals.

  7. I can’t help feeling like the white one is a Supra

  8. No way, they’ve done wonders for exposing the “bad apples”

  9. I mean true but like I manage a restaurant and i'm getting real done with racism claims. a black person called a black manager racist. a white woman called our white manager racist. I was just told like 3 days ago that we were racist for segregating the restaurant. granted 2/3 hosts who seat people are black and 90% of the workers are black. its getting kinda tiring at this point.... there is actual racism going on in the world that needs to be stopped, but when I get a black dude trying to fight me because my black hosts happened to sit black people on one side and white on the other because that's how the rotation fell its just like bro yall losing my respect.

  10. Oh yah no, that’s way out of control, kudos to you, I could never deal with that.

  11. Excellent! republicans got their stupid laws passed, now democrats get their stupid laws passed, and we the people lose freedoms on both sides. Lotta rules in this “free” country of ours

  12. Both sides got something done that they believe protects children. Hating one or the other is reasonable and expected, but if you hate both you're basically saying "why think of the children when i can think of me! Me, Me, Me, ME!"

  13. Am I right in thinking that this is a female? I released her as I was leaving work.

  14. Yep, she’s female. That’s kinda impressive, how did you kno?

  15. They’re great! Like the Possums of the big world, little creepy looking, and being nocturnal probably doesn’t help, but they’re totally harmless and super beneficial ecologically speaking.

  16. It’s sickening how accurate and true your hierarchy is

  17. Texans have a pretty lukewarm IQ so it doesn’t surprise me that this is a topic.

  18. Isnt part of the south where we developed the aerospace to go TO space?

  19. Probably, there are enlightened pockets all over the place.

  20. This is one of the only wrong answers. Sharks are gonna live thru the next apocalypse, just like they did the last however many

  21. No that’s an awesome off top summation. If folks want more info than that they can look it up themselves

  22. Why are we not getting the Yaris GR?? they would sell like hotcakes here, is it an emissions issue?

  23. They stopped selling the regular yaris in the US a couple of years ago and it wouldn't be a good profit to just bring back the name for the GR version. Only countries that still sell the regular yaris will have the GR yaris, such as Mexico.

  24. Well that’s pretty close, maybe some folks will bring them up!

  25. Trump may be very matronly, but I think he’s still technically male.

  26. No idea, but I upvoted for visibility and am really hoping someone weighs in cause this is interesting

  27. They made a stupid comment and then doubled down instead of just deleting it. 0/2

  28. Burn it to the fucking ground & start over. The devout leftists on Reddit think their system is ideal when they’re just the lesser of two evils compared to these GOP terrorists

  29. I was agreeing with your comment, and didn’t assume shit about you personally. Reddit as a whole leans left.

  30. Yeah that shitbag prosecutor successfully sued some student loan servicing companies recently for their bullshit. Thanks to that shitbag prosecutor and the work he does I’m at least going to recoup a small part of the money they stole from me by fucking around with my student loans so that shitbag prosecutor has my vote.

  31. Ok that’s a pretty solid check in the “Pro” column. I don’t know him and his body of work, I guess I’m generalizing prosecutors.

  32. That’s the problem with political discourse and identity politics in general these days. Too easy to call a politician a shitbag because you’re conditioned to think a certain way because of party affiliation. People need to start looking at the details and asking good faith questions again.

  33. You’re not wrong, but it’s not party affiliation, its law enforcement. Class traitors at best.

  34. Yeah thats always a weird comparison. I’m gonna chalk it up to folks being understandably emotional right now.

  35. If Shapiro loses it won’t matter how much money Planned Parenthood gets.

  36. now I have to go vote for a fcking prosecutor. Talk about the lesser of 2 evils, this 2 party system is a racket

  37. People questioning the legality of a firearm in a picture on the internet, are the same people that need someone to fuck their wife for them.

  38. Haha well you’re not wrong! And you do have way fewer school shootings, so that’s nice.

  39. Lol it is. If you’re going by the city proper, Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of florida.

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