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  1. Not your fault bro..Even I was also confused between Sunil Chetri and that sumo wrestler Harbhajan Chung Siengh during my childhood.

  2. In this kind of match he would score 9 (11) with 1 4 on off side

  3. I hope he gets well soon, wish him a speedy recovery

  4. Sometimes if the roads not well lit it’s difficult to see the divider even of you’re not drunk

  5. Should have just said…”I have no idea what the pitch looks like and I have no idea why I’m still in the playing 11”

  6. He will score 200 and absolutely smash Namibia which will be known as the greatest knock of all time

  7. Kl rahul isnt even turning up in tests. Kl rahul is the type of batsman who underperforms in cricket 07.

  8. Leaving this subreddit if/until samay is back

  9. Samay has changed man.. from genuinely funny in comicstaan and streams to cringe jokes on which he laughs himself to make it funny.. his stand up sets are nowhere in comparison to top comics and this shorts thing isn’t very funny either..

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