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  1. Wait I'm confused I swore in the lore the fallen followed the light before we did and it abandoned them

  2. This is correct I don't know that they had guardians like we do but they did have the traveler

  3. No no he is right Japan does have a 13 year old age consent law

  4. Sorry, I strongly disagree. We are human, it’s only natural. Go ahead and look at history and how young individuals used to mate and marry. It was accepted back then because it’s apart of life. Societal standards have gotten to your head.

  5. Look I get your point and understand it but also there is the fact of other social standards right like pregnation age for example was young yes but it wasn't 13 or 14 its was more 15-17 range. Not saying that's still good cause it's not but just a point. Say back in the day kids would be married off as quickly as possible to create a marriage alliance between families and even countries. And that's age was still like late 14-15 area not 13 and that's mainly because they would wait till the women bled and had her first period. That signified maturedness so to speak. Still we don't live by that standard because if we did some kindergardeners would be mature. My point is yes it's a way of life and shouldn't be as sheltered or avoided as it is I agree on that entirely but there is also a point of children and teenagers statistically speaking are not fully mentally matured at age 13 the rough time of full maturity is like 25 I think. Not saying people should wait till 25 but at least into the stage of you knowing what your actions may cause. Because to those 13 year Olds it isn't having a baby or anything it is a dopamine rush that they can easily get and they don't care what happens because they want that rush.

  6. I have an 8tb from Walmart for 200

  7. I grabbed it a while ago and never used it. Damn to I need to play with it

  8. Look dude I've never been one for furries either but don't start fights where it isn't necessary not worth it

  9. Also with the bright dust gift it's free

  10. I had a regular who always made a reservation for 2 people but showed up alone. Came in on e a month or so. They would order 2 salads, 2 entrees and 2 desserts etc. and ask me to check in with "Jamie" a few times to make sure they were enjoying everything.

  11. Did he eat the second order of food?

  12. Side salad without lettuce....

  13. Ik this but to lazy at this point and just asking for other ways, but thank you.

  14. Buy from spider but like you just kind of accumulate them from playing I'm at like 15 hundred of each and I've never farmed

  15. Man doesn't understand fashion so he bitches others out

  16. as a new player who only just reached like power level 1210 (my loot drops are like 1240 tho i just don’t know how i should be using armor) what should i be doing to maximize my gameplay? right now i’m just equipping legendary armor because of the perks, but should i be using gear that’s a higher power level? or can i focus on picking the ones with bests stats for my playstyle? also, in grinding cuz i wanna do level 1250 nightfall strikes so i can get exotic gear, can i equip armor to get to that level then put the armor i like back on when i’m in the game? or is my power level gonna go down and make it harder.

  17. You on xb? I'll give ya a run down of mods armor guns how all that shit works

  18. Stops the wraith of god my ass even a red bar patrol knight can go through that shitty shield that is supposed to defend normal humans

  19. I can one bang that bitch with sleeper

  20. I ran like 5 dares and didn't get it is there a special like claim you have to do to?

  21. It’s not distributed yet. You just have to play at least 1 complete dare run during this time period (until 18th) and will get it some time later.

  22. You gotta wonder if the devs had dicks up their ass while making it

  23. I mean even if they pinged the location before you stopped it it was left on your property

  24. That looks great! Sucks for the mailbox though.

  25. Honestly you can get a small box and call it a mailbox I'd happily have a dominoes car topper

  26. You don't need so many question marks my man. Second off read more lore than just the wiki fallen and eliksni were interchangeable for the most part pre beyond light because we didn't really have any eliksni allies. But now we do so fallen is a slur because it refers to a group of them that are against the beliefs and morals of the eliksni in the tower

  27. Man’s got more downvotes on this comment than OP has upvotes on the post

  28. I respect the screen shot to keep him honest

  29. I'll usually focus who ever has shield up cause once that's shield is down then my team can help out or alternatively hack the bastion to get that spray off the team then they can push in and drop the shields

  30. I’m sure it’ll work it works in some video games so why not tontine

  31. Cause tontine doesn't run off your phones clock lmao

  32. Lakshmi had Savathun in her ear, Uldren had Mara’s abuse and Riven’s antics and the Black Garden yanking him around, and Yor fell to Hive magic. I especially pitied Uldren back then; didn’t feel right to kill him, but choice is a myth.

  33. Look Lakshmi is still a horrible person not worse than Wilhelm but like she was a shitty person before savathun.

  34. If i remember correctly her intentions werent even pure without Savathun fucking with the device, she just wanted a grab at more political power.

  35. Thats what I'm saying she was a pos without the hive God

  36. Are there unofficial servers made by fans? it seems to me that it is not the development team that is more to blame, but the publisher himself (EA)

  37. There are servers like the Northstar client but it's not ea's is respawn's. Think of it like a book if someone writes a book and they go through a publisher to get it put on the shelves and such. Who do you blame when the book is shit? The writer, they created it and they sustained it the publisher is just a conduit.

  38. Thanks for the information about unofficial servers.

  39. Fair enough on the book but at its roots is the same ea is a Conduit for titan fall and apex.

  40. Where do you buy all the Lego techniq pieces? I can't even figure out where to buy them other than in sets.

  41. There's probably some Lego outlet store where you can buy right from the sweat shops

  42. Giant space ball with supernatural powers versus a couple of strong bois and gals... who would win? WHO WOULD WIN??

  43. I mean considering the Amish can build a hospital in a weekend I think thousands of what are effectively gods could pour some concrete and build that side back

  44. I don't count the building they brought up a licensed and fully equipped "hospital"

  45. Still put up a building that functioned as a hospital in a weekend

  46. The traveler doesn't choose people Ghosts do And ghosts don't have much control over who they choose

  47. Ghosts are just kinda birthed and then have an interesting Gaurdian so they go adventuring across the land trying to find it

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