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  1. Please...there was no point in asking her a question on international policy during that interview. She was there for her work in fashion.

  2. Well, that is sad. I mean, what kind of job can this be that you have to work as a delivery driver?

  3. Good God what fucking idiots. Forget the moral implications...arresting someone over a non criminal act....for an amount that costs far less than the cost of executing the warrant is beyond stupid

  4. I believe Warnock will win decisively but it will still be ridiculously close given that Walker admitted to not even living in the State.

  5. Putin isn't making it possible to back out. He keeps trying every tactic under the sun because he sees no risk

  6. I propose we get the most deranged hillbilly Trump supporters and pay for them to have dinner at Mar A Lago - I mean worst of the worst, Joe Dirt looking, corn dog slurping, sleeveless sweatshirt wearing rubes....all piling into the driveway in their chromed out pick ups....

  7. So, telling people that would vote for your party not to trust the election results in people not voting.

  8. Wait, I see a vision of 6 months into the future.....and there is absolutely no Neuralink in it

  9. No, he didn't just try... he succeeded quite well for a while

  10. If I understood the article they effectively created a condition where they witnessed negative energy exchanged between qubits

  11. Entanglement is the same as a wormhole

  12. The unnecessarily curved brim of his hat should make you suspicious

  13. Moat guys over 40 still do it...I uh, know a guy that does.

  14. Hmmm..guess I ran with a different crowd me it just seems like the hat version of a mullet

  15. Depends which queen....I'm thinking Anne Boleyn

  16. Gee, he owns twitter and his polls always turn out the way he expects....

  17. Translation "I'm the most important person, ever"

  18. This is a Disney world level attraction at best

  19. It is no solution anyway. Private transportation does not scale no matter how many tunnels and overpasses and super mega motor highways we build. It is simply not efficient or practical for individuals to be transporting themselves around in 2 tonnes of metal.

  20. Elon is creating excess controversy.

  21. Tim Cook will swat him like a mosquito.

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