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  1. There is an element of our history that is important to us....

  2. "run" is an extremely generous description

  3. Bring him to the nearest place to sell plasma....and then the next 3 nearest after that

  4. The same people who won't pay teachers will pay for supplemental education that the schools could give in the first place with enough qualified teachers.

  5. At 60 percent base pay the pension is irrelevant. You can barely pay for living expenses under 50k.

  6. Glad this happened! Far too often people who spent their youths as arrogant bullies end up in positions of authority.

  7. And Florida should leave well enough alone.

  8. "I accept you offering of fruit, you may continue your observations"

  9. Ah, the good old days when you could get polio and someone could sell you a radium based cure for it over the counter!

  10. Don't threaten me with a good time!

  11. Biggest lie in that statement? She never made it to the 11th grade!

  12. Sometimes when a professor writes something we forget our HS level science classes...I admit I can be easily conned by someone who can tell me that, because of their PhD, they know something is true that contradicts what I learned in 8th grade ..

  13. Well hell, I mean if it's in an ancient book with no actual proof of anything I mean....who WOULDN'T believe it?

  14. Well, since they don't do their job anyway how would we know if they resigned?

  15. We could start by NOT blaming video games, lack of bibles, mental illness or......DOOR LOCKS

  16. Do they not sell proper work shoes in whatever country that is?

  17. I wonder how many of them would volunteer to get the same "gift"

  18. Because he loves to be the center of attention....only he knows how to save us all...

  19. I do agree AI has some serious dangers associated with it. I just don't know why journalists care about elmo's opinion on tech things. I mean I kind of do. It's because he's seen by larger public as a genius and it's super annoying.

  20. He's the leading expert in subjects he makes up himself 😁

  21. I've never seen an atheist go out of their way to convince or convert.

  22. I've seen quite a few atheists try to convince theists that they're wrong.

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