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  1. I think it's much better to ask ask them...the average compensation per representative

  2. CNN reported that they tried to get him to surrender and use non lethal means before using deadly force....

  3. The question is not whether you can afford a new car but whether you are WORTHY of driving a pre 2005 Toyota Corolla.

  4. Are they going to Europe to enjoy cultural activities or to spy, foment anti Ukranian sentiment and hide their assets?

  5. And to the percentage of the population that read at adult levels he just admitted they found something in the search

  6. Now ask him how babies are made...we want to hear

  7. They already started one ...looks like DOJ is going to finish it

  8. Don’t think they actually find anything here. Assuming this raid is a political stunt too.

  9. No. Sorry, but enough of the poorly written TV dramas acted out in reality

  10. Fasteners are a tough one because anyone using them prefers new for liability purposes HOWEVER...

  11. If the products were saleable they would retail.

  12. Do all businesses require me to send the money too 😁

  13. Poor creature ...We should take up a collection to send him an Edible Arrangement

  14. I'd say the Ukrainians should kill that prick but it's a waste of good ordinance.

  15. Should make our continued support contingent upon Ukraine targeting him. Give them another $1 billion to accomplish the task. They get to keep all ordinance not used hitting him.

  16. Just leave a trail of hamburgers leading to the last one ...on top of a land mine

  17. They can always give him a ride in the back of a police cruiser

  18. De minimum - Gloves, winter coat, water resistant boots, head protection that covers ears

  19. It's simple ..Ukraine upset Russia by not surrendering, which caused such mental distress that someone in Crimea had an accident. And that is a red line.

  20. Just to ask the question they love to ask when 'others' gather, Don't they have work tomorrow?

  21. Their Work? You mean hawking junk at flea markets, running puppy mills and selling stuff on eBay?

  22. Thanks to this, the aggregate IQ in the US (outside Mar a Lago) went up about 3 points

  23. I am a south sider. In my part of the world, not long ago in historical terms, a Cubs banner or bumper sticker could get your arrested. (in Canaryville, perhaps killed and disposed of in Bubbly Creek)

  24. Park Meats...41st and Ashland...only go If you want to buy in bulk and don't mind doing some work yourself.

  25. I live in Bridgeport and have never heard of this. Definitely gonna check it out.

  26. It's a hoot...not everything is a super deal but the bulk meats are very reasonable

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