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  1. Bet I’m in better shape than you lol

  2. bet i’m making more money than you within a fiscal year lol, what’s ur point lil boy?

  3. Yeah probably not. You said touch grass, and I do

  4. Changes with the day. Today I was feeling embarrassed yesterday was honeymoon

  5. Same but I’ve been stuck on “Luckily I’m having”


  7. It’s such a banger. First time I heard it I was hooked

  8. This is tough. Graduation is my favorite but MBDTF is his best work imo

  9. I hope it blows up its catchy

  10. Asking all the right questions 🙏🏾

  11. Liquid Death Mountain water

  12. Yesss love both those songs! Teleport 2 me definitely one of my favs!

  13. I loved and lived that song for years. What’s the feel of the song for you? It’s always interesting talking to other Cudi fans

  14. I haven’t done any research on the meaning behind the song but to me it’s a really beautiful song where he feels alone and wants someone to be alongside him on his journey… kind of comes from a place of love where he feels a passion for this person but they may not be projecting the same energy but he just wants this person by his side

  15. I was young when it came out. It’s like am I gonna experience that type of love? Have I? So it’s so cool to look back on it and where I was in that time period. That’s the beauty of music that you connect with

  16. Yo……time stamp 8:46 was that Jeanie Buss owner of the Lakers rocking out to Gasoline???

  17. How you like the album??

  18. It was alright. Some great songs but then some songs were mid or just bad. As of now it’s like a 6/10 ? Need more listens tbh, you ?

  19. Seems bloated off the first 2 listens.

  20. I see what you did there 🫡

  21. Love Me Harder being in it makes it unfair honestly lol. I loved that song when it came out and I still do

  22. He literally had the best songs on Heroes vs Villains as well

  23. This isn’t getting enough upvotes

  24. I like the visuals he’s done for the album

  25. Top 3 Mac song for me. Lyrics cut deep

  26. After Hours made me XO.

  27. Regardless of the other 2, Flaws and Sins is definitely top 3. Pick any other 2 there are some great choices though

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