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  1. You can absolutely get by without buying one. I've used my free one for the last 11 months, summer heat through winter cold, 60 to 80 miles a day recovered before I wake up, sometimes considerably more.

  2. Thanks for the info and ideas, bud. I'll follow your suggestions and see what happens. Good tips and feedback.

  3. I think you'll be really pleased with the premium. I've had AWD ER Premium for about 2 months and no complaints. Ford is pessimistic with the range estimates which I'd rather have. Warm days I exceed the 270 mi range estimate. I don't gun it everywhere but also not shy about passing people. Averaging about 55 mph on my 52 miles round trip commute I'm usually about 3-3.5 mi / kwh even w AC. Interior is very nice IMO. Very quiet on whisper mode. Had people comment how clear it is over bluetooth

  4. That is great. Premium RWD Extended on order. Happy to see that Ford is pessimistic about range. I have a 110 mile round trip commute and drive a lot of the weekend for activities.

  5. Most times you will not even think about range, but when it really starts to matter, slow it down on the highway and the difference is huge. Also, start learning what's along your common routes, so you know in advance what areas you can charge at if you're ever doing unplanned driving on a low battery.

  6. My car is the lowest-range combination, with an EPA of 210, and the lowest I've seen with sustained single-digit temps and near-80mph driving is 142, with 245 being my highest when driving conservatively in the summer. You really start to understand how much temperature, wind, and speed make a difference.

  7. Just bought the screen protectors and pillar protectors, thanks!

  8. Okay. So the actor playing Stan Sitwell in AD plays Cliff Main from Better Call Saul. In 604 "Hit and Run" of Better Call Saul, he mentions to another character, Kim Wexler, that he has a son who has a drug problem. From there, BCS fans started theorizing as to who could be Cliff's son. From there it has spread to other subreddits such as Breaking Bad, Ozark, and now Arrested Development. People have been coming up with weird theories of who his son is. Some think it's Badger from BB, some joke that it's Frank Jr. from Ozark, and now in the AD subreddit, this reddit user is joking that it could be Gob.

  9. For some reason your comment made me think of this: Unless, of course, somebody comes up with 6-Minute Abs. Then you're in trouble, huh ...

  10. You can take the key you know, place it far away (perhaps in a microwave) and start putting bags, coats, pants in your car. When the car starts, thee key is in the car. Also great way to rule stuff out as not containing the key.

  11. And yet the concrete is still not as basic as him. So he'll be fine.

  12. If I'm regenning and take a driveway, my car stops regenning for an instant. Is this the problem the recall is fixing?

  13. On any given trip, beat 3.1 miles/kWh and you beat the EPA number for AWD. Now sure what the RWD number is, maybe 3.3.

  14. You should be proud, this is very well-done, especially for a set timeframe. Nice work!

  15. I recommend the CanvasBack velcroed canvas liners that cover the entire cargo floor and up the seatbacks. I've also got the ones that cover the carpeted sides. They don't grip stuff, but they keep fur from weaving into the carpet, and are very easy to clean, nicely made, and feel very protective. Not cheap, but they don't feel cheap either.

  16. Sure! It went on relatively easily, with a few bubbles near the perimeter that vanished within a week, just as they said in their instructions.

  17. I think this, the red, and the silvery blue are the best colors for the 2022. Congratulations!

  18. How long have you been using it? I'm weary of using the included one in case it breaks.

  19. I've been using it exclusively since June, almost every day. My only issue is that the 240v adaptor seems to gradually work its way out just enough to fault. It's a common problem, but quickly fixable. I'm going to try throwing a squeeze clamp on it and seeing if it solves it permanently.

  20. Because winter I dont need to worry about using a bunch of power with air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and power doesnt get me as far in the car so faster charging is beneficial. In the summer my garage gets hot, so the car uses lots of power to cool itself, so I feel like slower charging would reduce its cooling requirements, and my need for charging is less frequent as I can get a massive increase in range on a given charge, so I dont need to fill my battery as desperately.

  21. Now do the original Emperor, the babboon eyes on an old lady from the Empire Strikes Back pre-1990s

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