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  1. only know parannoul and the microphones 😭😭

  2. anyone here going to the weyes blood and or the godspeed you black emperor concerts in March? my friends dont listen to em so i havent found anyone to go with yet

  3. ah thats too bad, im going on the 8th! PM your insta though, id love to see ur music taste

  4. BA Econ to BA Software Engineering with a minor in CS!

  5. may i ask how a bachelors in SE in eng and a minor in comp sci work? a lot of the courses overlap no?

  6. moonlight sonata movement 3/liebestraum no 3/improv or my own songs/jazz improv

  7. get a chrome extension called mcgill enhanced i believe, then search up any course and it will show past aves

  8. idk if my level of understanding is even at a high enough level to get partial credit and get curved

  9. i would love to know the chords youre improvising over?

  10. what is the album that has these dogs as the cover i forget

  11. His poetry is incredible too! He’s teaching a class at NYU this year and his syllabus has been posted. I’m excited to check out some of his suggestions.

  12. ooh could u possibly link it or PM it too me? im really interested as well!

  13. That one scene. I can’t unread it. I cannot recall anything else about the book though I did finish it.

  14. You egging him on bruh. Just pay some chick to lay your dude while he study the circumference of her left booty cheek

  15. It‘s not just a “random boss”. It’s a mandatory story-related boss. It all depends on playstyle. Ape definitely gave me a bit of trouble, but then a later boss that a lot of people say they have 50 or even 100 tries on I beat in 6 so it’s all relative.

  16. mine is soooo tame compared to others cause im still a virgin, BUT i made out with the girl im seeing while playing the 3rd movement of moonlight sonata on piano with my eyes closed with my head turned to the side. i made quite a few mistakes, but she was very impressed

  17. University of British Columbia, Queens, McGill, McMaster, University of Toronto

  18. doc martens!!!!! not only r they fashionable they are super easy to break in and are super anti slip

  19. My experience with docs has been the complete opposite ;_; I’ve found them to be too slippery for icy sidewalks and insanely painful to break in. It’s so worth it once they’re broken in tho

  20. I'm sorry what- it's literally fetishizing races

  21. oh 😭 im dumb i coulda swore you said transgender

  22. Love IDMTHY but I gotta say I can’t give it album of the year because of The Forever Story. It’s second though.

  23. honestly though TFS was underwheming and quite overrated

  24. yo im sorry, i lied bro the record is fire

  25. this is sick! u are talented! will be playing this

  26. tell me a joke lowkey sounds inspired by phoebe, it reminded me of moon song a lil bit off first listen🧍🏼‍♂️

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