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  1. what do you mean? the one with an extra space after each letter? or is there a different one?

  2. Same. That's never happened before! Also, I hope they play Bishop's Knife Trick because my partner is obsessed with it, even though I know it is unlikely.

  3. honestly, i don't see them playing anything from M A N I A at all (I'm personally fine with that, but I understand others not being <3)

  4. It’s usually pray for the wicked from what I’ve observed? Or pretty odd sometimes

  5. i'm not one to shit on other people's opinions much, but if anybody ranks Pretty. Odd. last, I feel like they're not human lmao

  6. Now you got me trying to think - here's one for each song that you didn't mention (each goes with a lyric to a song)

  7. i was thinking a smashed guitar with 'bad luck charm' written underneath for Muse!

  8. The only thing I hate about this album is the cover and it’s been growing on me lately

  9. I actually dig it, but apparently the UK store got a version of the CD with the new face band logo as the cover, and i'm a lil jealous tbh

  10. My husband asked Pete a stupid question one time, and he will never live it down. Pete even mentioned it on stage at metro. Ugh lol

  11. I went to the second NJ show, so I feel that I have to throw a moment from that one in!

  12. Oh I've always wondered this! So, just like Bernie Taupin and Elton John, I always loved that style of songwriting.

  13. That's how Twenty One Pilots seems to often operate (at least in the stuff up to and including Blurryface). Tyler does poetry, then tries to do an instrumental demo, and edits the poetry down into lyrics!

  14. it’s hilarious how when weezer makes a different sounding album 30 years into their career they’re the worst band ever yet FOB makes another 80s record after hyping it up to be a comeback to older sound and people are sucking it up

  15. i find it odd how even streaming services manage to get the lyrics wrong. you'd think they would be given the "official" lyrics and all they would have to do is copy and paste them in

  16. The way it's often done (at least for Spotify and Apple, who go through Musixmatch) is that fans fill in the lyrics (and others can edit them) and then they go straight to the streaming service. You have to apply for a job as a curator to edit them though.

  17. I read that and automatically started humming QOTSA's 'Turnin' On The Screw'

  18. i saw your 2nd and 3rd set of these, but just got around to checking out the first set! I think I prefer yourbMake Believe redraw to the standard cover!

  19. I always heard it as something like, uhm, how to put this, creating intentional scars on his arm, as a coping mechanism for the life he doesn't like leading, if you get my euphemism lol. I don't know, though. It doesn't matter that much what it was intended, anyway. Interpret it however you want

  20. The song is about giving oral sex, as Dave has said ('I love it but I hate the taste'), idk what this line specifically means with it

  21. Nobody would mind Matt that’s for sure. World class drummer. Still the Foos work really often so I don’t know how that works with his PJ responsibilities. His availability is the only issue IMO.

  22. The rumor is that Matt would be the primary touring drummer, while Atom Willard would fill in when Matt's busy

  23. Ahem *nerd glasses* Donkey Kong Junior IS Donkey Kong.

  24. Isn't he DK's dad, and Cranky is DK's grandfather (according to Rare's lore for DKC and up DK)?

  25. Emperor's New Clothes, Say Amen, VLV title track, God Killed Rock And Roll

  26. You guys ever just hear stuff about Dave Grohl? Whenever I see some random news on my home page its always "Dave Grohl feeds the homeless", "Dave Grohl makes fans wait so he can read his kids a bedtime story".

  27. Dave once gave a show to a girl who broke her foot before a show because his doctor was with him and pointed out that not having the proper weight could make it worse, especially if she got tripped up and put pressure on it. Dude just took his shoe off and gave it to her for the show.

  28. I responded to the other commenter, but I thought you'd wanna read it too:

  29. What is wrong with my brain this AM - I read this as:

  30. Sean is a terrific drummer.

  31. All those songs still blow my mind! Them Bones just hits like a damn freight train, and that groove is just delicious

  32. I haven't seen it yet, but I found out about it before the movie released. I'll spoil it if you want me to. It ties into previous MCU stuff

  33. Yeah that’s a bit of a clusterfuck there mate. I’d say maybe choose one symbol you like best so you’ve got them represented. The heart grenade, the kerplunk flower, and the bullet in a bible zappy man are all quite cool individually

  34. Honestly Gerard really had that old school rockstar feel to him back in the day. He’s up there with guys like Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious, Iggy, and Axl Rose in the history of great rock frontmen. He made you feel happy, sad, angry, confused, and yes, even horny, all in one show. I know he’s doing better now and I’m so glad for him, but a part of me misses the old crazy antics and the edge. Though if we had to trade healthy Gee in order to get that again, I never would because it’s either healthy Gee or a Gee that went the way of Jerry Cantrell or Jimmy Hendrix.

  35. That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else about Jerry I wasn't remembering.

  36. ChatGPT, create a realistic bust portrait of person who is equal parts Pat Smear, Tom Morello, and the owner of Papa John’s Pizza.

  37. like someone else said, there's definitely a bit of Tom Hanks in there too haha

  38. Uno, Dos, and Tre. There are songs on those I like, but I don't love those albums as a whole. Plus, knowing what Billie Joe was going through at the time they made those, makes them feel not so great to me.

  39. If you're big on sound quality, make sure you check up on Discogs (and maybe the Steve Hoffman forums), there's some variance in quality with all of their albums (also, good luck getting Raditude on vinyl haha)

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