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  1. It's like saying chai tea or naan bread. It's the same thing, you don't have to repeat it twice.

  2. He's ultra rich so that automatically qualifies him for hate.

  3. Actually, the success of this movie will eventually fund the good ones. You need the pool to be enormous to have space to swim for everyone.. yes, some will have it better than others.. but it will mean some room for everyone.

  4. How? They'll just make movies like these to make more money

  5. Bruh education is free under socialism. That would make more skilled workers. Which in turn would give them better quality of life

  6. Yeah that's what I am saying casteism exists everywhere.but how are you even relating vegetarianism with anti-dalit.

  7. Only in some places by some people.most of the fc's(except in north india plus gujrat) aren't vegetarians.

  8. You keep saying only little as if that's okay? And even that is wrong. You have no stats to prove how many are not practising casteism.

  9. No matter how liberal they still have a casteist joke in this.

  10. But she was abusing herself not you (technically) Still bad tho.

  11. Educated people are casteist too and many have always been generation after generation. Education has not much to do with casteism.

  12. They're talking about education of Dalits.

  13. I don't think so and even if they are, that's the worst take. How come education of LC and Dalits address casteism directed at them by others? Do you not know of the casteism which goes unchecked in offices around the country - subtle or unsubtle?

  14. I agree with everything you say. I'm just saying it's a common ambedkar quote "educate, agitate, organize"

  15. What about the hatred faced by Dalits and tribals in states ruled by your own party? He never talks about them 👌

  16. Show me where reservation was supposed to be poverty alleviation scheme. It's an affirmative action.

  17. How will cap boomerang return? He's dead

  18. Okay i got some number mixed up. I apologise It's 50% drop in enrollment.

  19. Well that is how a community is deprived and then their destitution is legitimized.

  20. Similar thing happening in Karnataka By banning hijab (and any other form of clothing sorry I'm not well versed) they're ensuring that women from certain religion are deprived of education.

  21. I have answered this in the comment you didn't read.

  22. I keep asking because you keep confusing fiction for real life. Everytime I ask you to clarify your position, you just dump more words which don't clarify anything. I try to rephrase in hope that you will understand and may be address my question

  23. Don't know why all of a sudden people started hating on RRR here.


  25. What are some effective strategies or approaches you've used to overcome the feeling of emptiness in your life, and how do you actively work towards finding fulfilment and meaning in your day-to-day existence?

  26. What are your thoughts that are generally associated to emptiness?

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