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  1. So much hate must take so much energy. Go be racist elsewhere.

  2. They love anything that rebukes western liberal democracy. They don't care what the far-right in Italy stands for.

  3. Is the Euro bringing this back into the Atlantic after buzzing across Florida? Or will it dissipate first over Florida and Georgia?

  4. When do LICIACube images come in? Weeks? Ground-based astronomy and Webb tonight?

  5. No. I don't think any of the non-fusion third parties qualify. Green and Libertarian parties are done here under the new automatic ballot access thresholds. I think the swingy corpse of Independence is disqualified.

  6. Why hasn’t Arizona recalled her for running a fraudulent campaign? Rhetorical. I lived in Arizona for many years and can tell anyone straight up that Arizona is a bunch of Republican piss babies and that is why she hasn’t been recalled.

  7. Tell me again how you recall a senator.

  8. What is Orban supposed to do once Russia is defanged? Sounds like he has no plan B. Same for Luka.

  9. Russia itself is really falling apart at the seams now. How much longer can they sustain this?

  10. Do boosters and FTS need to be re-certified?

  11. The Codyverse should never have been a thing. AEW's whole hook is that every segment and angle is intertwined.

  12. I only saw a single n41 SA site in Boca when I was down there a week ago. And only when the n71 signal was too weak.

  13. At least the drivers, especially the Arc beta ones, work great on Xe.

  14. OEMs enabling VoNR through updates is a crap shoot. QPST is a last resort.

  15. I hope you're ready for a Raw after WrestleMania-tier crowd.

  16. It doesn't have a built-in bluetooth and the audio jack is messed up. So yea. Thank you for the suggestion though. I might try fixing the audio jack.

  17. FM transmitter kit? No audio jack required.

  18. Just get a Bluetooth kit if your Sonata has an audio jack and lacks built-in Bluetooth.

  19. When do the various color revolutions start?

  20. 1am or 2am EDT for the speech?

  21. Russia is literally going the Starship Troopers "service guarantees citizenship" route.

  22. I'm somewhat horrified at the prospect of a mobilization wiping out endangered cultures.

  23. A nice off-ramp if we ever think Starship Crew is too insane for launch and/or landing on Earth.

  24. Clinch and relax is a valid strategy, I guess.

  25. Just buy a nice TPU case instead.

  26. My local MedMen really has nothing to offer me except that it's the closest and is a usually pleasant experience.

  27. One specific area to note how little clue Trump's lawyers have of what they're doing:

  28. But didn't their response to the Special Master yesterday say specifically that a 41(g) request, especially one that discloses classification procedures, would be self-incriminating?

  29. What is the doc fee and shipping fee at Stamford Hundai?

  30. Don't know, but they tried to add 1k on top of a TrueCar price. I bolted.

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