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  1. Don't confuse military culture for the general population. Most civilian's didn't even have transportation or communication.

  2. yet if we look at Okinawa. those same civilians chucked their children off cliffs just so they would not be captured by the U.S because that would be "Dishonorable"

  3. over 50% of African slaves were sold to white people by black people

  4. I don't care that their protesting I just think it a little inconvenient when they try and burn down my city while doing it.

  5. No Saddam tried to assassinate George H Bush. Plus he was using poison gas attacks on his own people. He never had WMDs but he was a horrible person.

  6. I have add block on and I heard an old spice commercial over top of this

  7. Neither should be plastic. Plastic straws are bad not only due to waste but also chocking hazard to marine life

  8. Oh vote blue no matter who conch shell who should face consequences for the 2020 riots.

  9. I respect you right to make such a fucking dumb ass choice for yourself

  10. Order of flavorocity: blue, red, orange, yellow

  11. the difference is reyla when willingly and lied to callum about it. I would not be surprised if his heart was broken and he spiraled into a depressive state

  12. That just means you're offering to bang your grandfather

  13. Lol, you just reversed what I said because you were too dumb to come up with something on your own?

  14. LOK is a bad tv show with bad writing. trauma just being there does not mean it is written well.

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