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  1. Angry the McDonald's dates aren't getting them laid

  2. Right...2 drinks each is $30-60 easy. Thankfully, I don't get shit faced like I used to, so I'm at a 3 drink max if the night is going well.

  3. But how, which venues would be the best to meet someone after you are done with college. Bars?

  4. Yeah, seems mostly impossible if you don't have a group to go with. No one likes to talk to lone guys at the bar.

  5. I mean, if guys had the selection girls had on tinder, I'm sure most would be racking up 1000+

  6. You really just ripped that from a post an hour ago?

  7. Tanks usually have crews and the most junior doesn't normally drive, but it is possible.

  8. This dude can close. If his chat to date rate was better, there would be some insane numbers here.

  9. Idk, never had a positive experience if we didn't kiss on the first date

  10. 25% success rate on right swipes as a dude. Wtf is this?

  11. Yeah...i like meat but this looks like someone took a poop on some poop. Probably tasted good tho

  12. I think you need to chill the fuck out. 13 hours is nothing. Give her space on the days/nights you don't spend together. If she was going to leave/cheat on you, constantly blowing up her phone isn't going to change that.

  13. Eh, usually just into 2-3 positions max and don't ever try to get creative. Rarely talk about their kinks

  14. Never been with a Mormon, didn't realize they bred outside their cult.

  15. Oh hmm, you're probably right, but that should be even easier than shrugs

  16. No? It's not something I ever considered doing at a high weight

  17. I personally find both hands and feet pretty disgusting (I deal with hands because obviously those are important for a lot of things but I appreciate a partner who washes theirs before sex).

  18. You & me both brother - I like to say that god had to balance us out somehow but thru text that doesn’t translate so well lol

  19. You have no idea. I look back on so many interactions realizing girls were definitely into me or at least somewhat interested.

  20. Oh trust me, I’m young but I do have an idea lool (figure of speech I know, all good). Also sorry ab the ex wife but LOL at that last paragraph, but you’re funny! Naturally I’m guessing, like me “(this was not a good thing)” When you were younger, did you take it way too personally too? Instead of appreciating your genius?

  21. Well, I'm mid 30s so not super old, lol. I have gotten a little better at paying attention to specific queues, but I recently got out of a 10-year-marriage and haven't really gotten to act on it much yet.

  22. Shes not fat so it actually puts her as high probability of being attractive, would be very surprised if she was not at least decent looking.

  23. I'm not really into hunting anymore, but at least that's more unique than your standard ass in bikini pic or "check out my Instagram"

  24. Yes. This is DEFINITELY a thing for men. You have this moment where you sex drive drops to zero and you’ll have no interest in a woman unless you genuinely see them as more than FWB.

  25. Sex drive drops to 0?...not sure I've ever felt that way, but I do still have post nut clarity. Sometimes it works for not buying things as well.

  26. As someone who uses a $1,500 Herman Miller Aeron, I’m suddenly reminded that most people don’t spend $1,500 on their office chair.

  27. What makes these so good? They just look like any standard office chair to me

  28. I guess for him it is? I’m currently at 42, not including the ones i’ve matched with.

  29. I signed up this week and had about 30 likes so far. 7-ish matches, a couple conversations, and 1 date planned for next week

  30. sounds like me 😂 signed up last week, 42 likes, 6 matches, 1 date last saturday, 2nd date tonight haha.

  31. I was initially expecting more, faster, but after reading this sub a bit it sounds like some dudes go a while without a single like/match.

  32. I just had a real conversation with someone without having to throw a stupid opener or play weird games. Even supposed to go out next week.

  33. Root beer and spiced rum is great. You could mix it 50/50 and still be drinkable.

  34. Dr Pepper and Sailor Jerry's is amazing, nothing mixes with cheap tequila quite like root beer though.

  35. Wtf, my best friend from highschool was a DP and Sailor Jerry's dude.

  36. yup, corgis are working dogs. They're sturdy as fuck.

  37. I swear, a cow could kick my corgi in the head and he wouldn't care. The dude will run headfirst into walls full speed and shrug it off like nothing.

  38. Nature's way of saving you from a marriage based on sex that will eventually become less frequent and lower priority to both of you.

  39. Yeah, instead I got into one based on sex, alcohol and emotional baggage.

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