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most decipline cop i have ever seen

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  1. Man when Terry finds out what his buddies did to him. He gonna kill ‘em

  2. Why did Rodgers get mvp running hackets plays but Wilson looks like a high schooler. I think Wilson is more to blame.

  3. They weren't Hackett's plays is why. How do people still not know LeFleur runs that offense? That is like giving Bieniemy credit for what Andy Reid does or giving Rick Dennison credit for Gary Kubiak's offenses.

  4. My bad. I did know that. That’s a good reminder to use your brain before posting. Thanks.

  5. Will they stain it or paint it? Looks beautiful.

  6. Signed up at Apex Technical school for construction. Anyone have any experience with this program or have any thoughts about it? Thanks!

  7. You will learn more and faster on a job site than at a school. Bonus is you get paid. You don’t need an in to get a job. Look for adds. Look for numbers on the sides of trailers. Cold call these guys and leave a message. Yes it’s scary when your young but so is showing up your first day and meeting everyone. Just do it and get it over with. I tell every new hire on the phone, I will teach you everything your gonna need to know but I can’t teach you work ethic and how to show up on time. Be a sponge, work hard and be humble.

  8. Do the coaches see the same thing in practice as games? Does Russel look like an all star at practice or what? Can the backup qb run Hacketts timing plays? If practice looks like the games do are the coaches just assuming it’s because our D is so good? I got a million questions about how a professional football team can look this bad.

  9. The video shows it as a traveling city. Ya right that things gonna move fast enough to make a wake. Not gonna happen.

  10. We’ll those kids will grow up to be damn fine citizens I bet. Got a perfect role model as a parent.

  11. I used to do Tours around there and it's a perpetual 50-80 years out ..

  12. The pace that they are working at means it will be completed sometime in the 24th century. That gives them an extra 178 years and I don’t have a faith in that.

  13. My experiences are that the people who grew up in the F/M area go 2 ways. They either love it and stay or they hate it and want to move to Minneapolis etc. This area has grown fast. It has a lot of people that have moved here to experience something better than they had. Those people don’t seem to be the ones complaining about it being boring. Attitude is everything and when you want to be somewhere that’s the difference.

  14. Kurt Busch is the real answer. He sure has done a good job of holding back the last 5 years but I just don’t get the feeling he’s changed. Just keeping himself in check better now days. Just like all of us as we get older and can look back on how we’ve handled situations that we weren’t proud of.

  15. Responsible people probably have paid or are paying it off. Irresponsible people will spend that check on everything but college loan. Just like that original student loan that paid for beer, food, rent.

  16. I can’t wait till I’m 65 and eligible to buy one!

  17. It’s like those table saws that they keep pushing a hotdog through. Just use your damn finger if it works so good!

  18. It was something like the spotters got into a bickering match about something that happened on track between harvick and whoever else it was during the race. Billy’s anger about the situation was obvious on the radio and harvick wanted nothing of it. I took it as he needs a calming voice over the radio to keep him focused and not someone escalating something that happened a couple laps ago and that he had moved on from it. It pissed him off so much that he mentioned it in his post race interview.

  19. You can run half a second faster on your last lap by running the wall at phoenix.

  20. I’d be the next 40 something year old rookie. Driving in my self sponsored cup car.

  21. Do cops not have those beat sticks anymore? If it's a knife I thing the metal fast sticks probably have the advantage. And if one cop keeps his gun on him the other can attempt to disarm him with the metal stick.

  22. How bout you go test that out. If you live then that was a good idea. If you die we will know not to try that again.

  23. Remember people don’t die instantly like in the movies. Adrenaline takes over for a bit

  24. It works at phoenix. I’ll bet you anything they are testing it in the simulator.

  25. Most of them do it. How many times I’ve heard them come back and tell the crew “ he came around me at the end and beat me by a bumper” when the camera shows a car length in between them.

  26. For the dummies that keep calling it chem trails It’s frozen water vapor from being compressed in the jet engine. It freezes instantly in the air because of altitude.

  27. I’ve had a few friends approach me with kits and ask if it’s a good price. Everyone I’ve seen is ridiculously over priced. Easily 100k could be saved on the lumber package they charge compared to what you can go to a lumber yard and buy. Also when they deliver it your responsible for unloading it so be ready. The kit you’ve found may be different than the ones I’ve seen. The ones I’ve seen only supply exterior rough framing materials. They don’t include shingles/steel, siding, windows or any interior framing lumber.

  28. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. 2023 will not be their last year. If Kevin wins the martinsville race you will see him celebrate like it’s his first win. The guy loves racing and winning! He has more fun than most out there. But also wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to a microphone in his face.

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