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  1. Try pressing home + power for around 10 secs

  2. Most of those super cheap 11'' Airs are sporting 4 GB RAM. This was a bad idea in 2011-2012 when these devices were new and time has certainly not helped matters.

  3. The PowerBooks/iBooks are a possible option for me, but where I live, they cost about $50 for a non functional one, and a few hundred for a functional one. These aren’t very common where I live too, as the MacBooks that are usually sold are those from 2010 and newer.

  4. How's it holding up with recent macOS updates? My 2015 13" MacBook Pro has been getting quite slow on macOS Monterey, can't imagine how slow it would be on a 12" MacBook.

  5. I’m actually using Big Sur, and it’s doing pretty ok so far - of course I get the occasional beach ball, but it isn’t too big of a deal.

  6. Why would you downgrade your phone like that tryin jailbreak

  7. Nope, I extracted the onboard blobs and restored using Futurerestore.

  8. Dang bro, seems pretty dangerous. Hopefully you took safety precautions!

  9. yep, I’ve gotten much help from my last post, this one’s to just clarify

  10. Now I get the error “myblob.plist is broken” after entering the ./validate command

  11. Set back the time to 2010 in your machine, this is a normal certificate error when validating blobs, it happened to me, but my blob works fine

  12. Yep, did that it still says broken. Lemme DM u the screenshot

  13. i remember there was some legacy archives thing that this sub has, lemme get back to you with the link in DM if its still up

  14. Was cleaning out the fans in this MacBook Pro, and after I booted it up, it kept bootlooping.

  15. Was cleaning out the fans in this MacBook Pro, and after I booted it up, it kept bootlooping.

  16. yep, apparently. bought the batts from

  17. no, but it’s been already like a year since I bought this, so it’s alright.

  18. It looks like burn marks or maybe the plastic yellowing, couldn’t tell, I would assume that it’s a mark left from overheating though, did you leave it exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time?

  19. nope, just opened the iPod today and the batt expanded, which caused the spots :(

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