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  1. It's proof that a corporation will go to any length to reduce their payroll. They'd automate your wife if it'd save them a buck.

  2. You know it's a good print when your thumb nail looks like the bumpiest texture

  3. For the quarry, I will use a designated 0-4-0 which will look cool pushing cars and pulling them from the front. All the other things I will definitely take into account before I begin

  4. I think what that poster was saying is that your mainline curve below the quarry on the right side will have about an 18 inch radius. This is very tight for lots of HO scale equipment, like longer passenger cars, 6 axle diesels, and steam locomotives. In such a tight space, it's a good idea to keep the mainline curves as big as possible.

  5. Looks great! I'll say something that I've said every time I see someone at this stage of construction: don't under-estimate how much depth you'll want in your scenery. If you want your tracks 3 inches above your lowest feature (river maybe), you'll need to get those tracks 3 inches above your benchwork, likely using pink Styrofoam. Now is the time to do it, if you want to do it.

  6. I don't look at these as competition, I look at them as a day to hang with friends, have fun and hopefully hit some good shots.

  7. This was just one phase of initial testing, confirming devices were programmed, their address P-Touch labels were accurate, and descriptions were accurate. I knew a testing crew would be along in a few days to do the "real" test. Call this a pre-pre-test. If I did this for a quarterly/annual test, I'd probably use walk test.

  8. Gotcha. Seeing as to how you have programming experience, would you happen to know what the California FA report means when it asks what type of panel - complex fire alarm or basic fire alarm? What is the difference exactly?

  9. Lol I have no idea, I've never seen that terminology. If I were to guess, I'd think maybe basic is a stand-alone panel with no advanced functions, like smoke control or stair pressurization or selective evac (like in a highrise). Complex would then be a network of panels and/or those advanced functions. But I'm just talking out of my ass now.

  10. I didn't really have an opinion on JHN, but if he comes after the credibility of Bob Pockrass, then he's on my shitlist.

  11. Might want a side mount opener. Will really free up sim space

  12. Wow, I didn't know these existed. I'm currently hitting right under my opener. Did you have someone install it, or do it yourself? Any tips or recommendations?

  13. Awesome, thanks for the reply. Looks like I have a new project!

  14. Where do you live? People in the northeastern US are 20 mph over the limit on any highway as a matter of course. If you go at the speed limit, you’re literally a traffic hazard and people honk at you if you’re only 5 over. I don’t make the rules.

  15. Exactly. My work truck has a GPS and sends an alert to my boss if I got over 72mph. The highest speed limits in my state are 65mph. I had to tell my boss that he has the choice of getting constant emails or having me take side roads to my jobs and showing up late, because going <72 is a death wish.

  16. How did it take so long to this? Budget constraints?

  17. Haha, gotta be some double redundant components in there.

  18. Garmin uses their GPS database for 40,000+ courses and GSPro has the ability, so I have no interest in TGC. Thank you very much for the engaging conversation. I was asking you about the Skytrak before getting one to give me the option of using a camera system versus a radar system for GSPro considering the benefit is space for the setup.

  19. I love my Skytrak. I find it to be very accurate on decently struck shots, but occasionally way off on very thin shots or ones that are way off line. Shot shapes and distances are always accurate compared to how I shoot on the course.

  20. This is the exact feedback I am wanting. I haven't received my Skytrak yet, and I'm definitely looking forward to giving it a try with GSPro. How do you find the putting?

  21. I actually like the putting a lot. I find that it can fail to read if I give it a weird stroke (like one-handed tap in), or try to putt super hard. I think it's because I might be impeding the camera with my club head or something. This is rare, though. Just like with full shots, if you hit it OK, it'll read accurately. My friends don't believe me, but I think putting on TGC on Skytrak has absolutely helped my real putting. The goal becomes to get that perfect "0" in club angle at impact, which again I find to be very accurate. I find myself using the couple seconds between putting and seeing the data and I'll say "pushed it, 2 degrees", and I'll be right. And when I hit one pure, I know it and I get that feedback to confirm. I think some people are more data-driven, and some people are more feel-driven. As a data guy, I really like what I get from the putting. I don't think I've ever had a decent stroke, seen the outcome, and thought "that's not right".

  22. OP, I have a home sim as well. I ended up buying some netting from Amazon, cut a strip of it like 18 inches tall by the width of the screen, and set it up to stretch across the bottom, touching the floor, like 8 inches away from the screen. Not only is it safer, but it makes the thin shots WAY quieter when they slap the screen.

  23. I got this rug at HD, attached some grommets to it, and hung it on the back of my screen with extra bungies. It has definitely helped reduce ball bounce back.

  24. Has it muted the sound? I'd love to be able to quiet down the sound of impact on the screen.

  25. See it’s funny you say that because as a Canadian who just returned home from visiting upstate Maine, nobody there was very welcoming.

  26. I feel like anyone who lives in Northern Maine is trying to be left alone. I'm a New Englander, and we know that folks in that upper half of Maine are just a different breed.

  27. This, but loose, not tight.

  28. Tight enough that a direct hit doesn't just let the ball bounce off the wall behind the net. Not so tight that the ball bounces back at you.

  29. He ain’t right and probably just being a dick because it’s 2 teenagers

  30. Yep, dude with a chip on his shoulder finding people who he thinks he can talk down to. If these were grown men playing from the reds, I doubt he'd cause a stink.

  31. The marshal is wrong. Golfers should play the tees that match their ability.

  32. In my opinion, golfers should play whatever tees they want, unless it slowing pace of play for others.

  33. One of the 3 unknown diesels is Missouri Kansas Texas GP40 #227, built in 1969, still in active duty for Union Pacific as of at least 2020. Another diesel is MKT FP7A #81A, built in 1952.

  34. Others mentioned the lack of a crossover. The curved track at the end of the cement plant siding might be a pain, because cars won't couple as easily on the curve. Might be cool to just have that whole siding be at an angle without curves at the end instead of parallel to the mainline, adds some interest. Could make 2 tracks for that cement industry too, one for loads and one for empties, or one for hoppers full of stone/aggregate coming in, and another for boxcars of bagged cement heading out. Maybe add a small quarry industry, so the stone can go from quarry to cement, and/or hardware distribution, so the bags of concrete go from the plant to the hardware distributor (warehouse could become home depot warehouse or something). Top left track is called "mixed use", could expand upon that and make it a tiny bit longer by moving the turnout to the right, then have the road go right through the middle of the siding. Can have 2 small industries on each side of the road, and you can't block the road for too long, and must move cars out of the way of the 1st industry to switch the 2nd industry ( this exists in real life, fyi)

  35. If you like seeing clogged drains cleared check out

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