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  1. I'm gonna be honest, I've never cared about women's tag team wrestling very much... basically like 98% of the time every team is just a random thrown together one so it's just boring for me.

  2. I'd have Israel instead of Croatia and Cyprus instead of Romania.

  3. I could honestly see Cody Rhodes out of anyone bringing it back, he brought back the classic IC Title.

  4. Wait Hungary have permanently left? I wondered where they've been.

  5. The chorus of the Spain song is irritating

  6. If Australia are gone I think Turkey returning would be a great "trade"

  7. He scored for us in his debut vs Liverpool which was brilliant!

  8. I would've preferred On My Way, Mer av Dig or Air to qualify over Tattoo. Not because I don't like Loreen or anything I just enjoy those songs more.

  9. Off the top of my head probably Jota

  10. Kenny said this in an interview from 2019 that I found on

  11. Osimhen is currently not replaceable, BUT it would be a lot of money coming in for the club. I don't think it's too soon for him to leave, he played for us enough and there's no way he could perform even better in Napoli than he's been doing this year.

  12. If Osimhen leaves, would you be happy with Napoli bringing in Mitrovic from Fulham?

  13. I just don’t feel that Mitrovic fits our playing style. Really good player, but nowhere near mobile enough for the way we play. Raspadori, Simeone and Osi are all pacey and can play off through balls. Mitro is more of a target man which I think would hinder Napoli.

  14. I can see what you mean yeah, how about someone like Goncalo Ramos?

  15. Wolves and Crystal Palace are keeping you company too!

  16. It might be because I had to zoom out a little bit because the bottom 2 teams were just missing from the original image.

  17. Gallardo I think is too old considering he’s still in Mexico

  18. Would you prefer Uriel Antuna for us? I almost had him as one of the 3 but I kinda wanted to only include a defender, midfielder and forward. I chose Almada over Antuna as the midfielder because he's younger.

  19. What website/app is the screenshot taken from?

  20. Hey I'm really sorry for the late reply! It's from Flashscore.

  21. Yeah, even if he was only squashing jobbers right now, it would feel like he was actually doing something.

  22. Come to think of it has Wyatt ever had matches vs jobbers/local talent?

  23. That is true lol my bad, I suppose he's more of an underrated and fairly unknown commodity

  24. Maybe yeah, I do wonder how much Braga would want to sell him for considering he's their star player I'd say.

  25. Lesnar vs Wyatt should've happened after the 2016 Royal Rumble when the entire Wyatt Family screwed him over and eliminated him. I think it would've been a fun storyline in that period, at the time I bet a lot of people were expecting a match after that.

  26. Almost all rivalries and matches are worked with faces and heels. Bobby is the heel against Brock right now, for instance.

  27. I think at the moment Knight is either in the Battle Royal or he has some kind of impromptu Promo where a Legend or someone interrupts him and there's a brawl.

  28. Would love a promo and then a legend comes out to confront him and then have him attack the legend

  29. This is the only other thing I can see happening at the moment, either the Battle Royal (unfortunately) or some kind of impromptu Promo.

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