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  1. Finally! I was thinking it's about time we give these fish somewhere to park their cars.

  2. An underwater multi-story concrete carpark would probably make an awesome artificial reef.

  3. $1000 a week on mortgage repayments just to live in the worst CBD in the country.

  4. This is the Wikwemikong Nursing Home in Canada. They’re insanely creative in many ways with how they entertain and train their residents (mainly First Nations people). They came up with this idea after one of the residents was experiencing hunting fever, this is such a great and fun idea to entertain! The staff definitely goes above and beyond for the people in their care.

  5. The Road Warrior is ten times better than the original Mad Max

  6. Pretty sure it wasn't called The Road Warrior in Australia. Just Mad Max 2.

  7. Not racist. Some people think if you criticise anything non-white, you're a racist. These people late wrong.

  8. Well I've not submitted an application with UBank yet. I'm just hoping to get any information about if UBank are likely to put me at risk of not getting approved in time.

  9. And China wonders why they have absolutely zero soft-power.

  10. I don't know why you are being downvoted, you are absolutely right. China is pretty ham-fisted when it comes to international relations.

  11. How would all these people get their opinion pieces published every year if we agreed on a date?

  12. If you are genuinely concerned by other people having access to your phone you should probably do an audit of your apps and delete any that aren't essential.

  13. Oh who gives a shit about Billy Boomer and his sport shooting. What a garbage article. There’s a fucking shortage on everything. Go kick rocks you goose.

  14. Oh my. Canberra. Fuck me dead once you go to Parliament House and questacon it’s just some land with kangaroos(the only good thing) besides that most boring place ever

  15. They should do it the same way the supermarkets have all gone, self service. Just leave the till open.

  16. Idk maybe he should run a Tiktok campaign? Trying something is better than just holding press conferences with the media outlets who either won’t print it or they’ll hone in on something dumb and take it out of context.

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