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  1. Celebrate every single win like its the last. You never know when it might be.

  2. I do but its more the thing that blaney was so close if it wasnt blaney i was happy for him (still are)

  3. I always love to see how happy the crew is for a win. regardless of who the driver is, always happy for the pit guys.

  4. Caution. 15 & 21 cut tyres

  5. No rain, no green white checkered, no race-defining strategy calls, no major competitors crashed out from a commanding position, my guy was just the best car/driver combo all day. Well earned, and a great moment, no one can say anything to take this away from him, he won this one the hard way.

  6. Ty owned up to an incident?! Good for him. Lots of people are quick to judge him, but hardly anyone remembers how much of a little shit they were at his age.

  7. With how the weather is looking now what can we start(so i can take a nap)

  8. I’d say realistically looking somewhere around 10ish at the earliest?

  9. I hope this thing gets done on the scheduled time no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

  10. I just want to know how late it will start so i can take a short nap

  11. Don't let this finish make you forget about Elliott and Larson covering their in-car cameras as a crew member did something during the pre-race.

  12. Is the reason he didnt do burn outs cuz out of he is not proud of it stroke

  13. If you just want pure indycar driving i would say assetto corsa (from my own experience)

  14. different last name and that hate wouldn’t be there.

  15. Just go to race thread then youll see an stream link in the top of the comments

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