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Biden Caught on Hot Mic: ‘No One F*cks with a Biden’

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AITA for objecting to my sisters wedding at her wedding party?

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  1. In my neighborhood where I also worked the longest, parking goes from 4€-11€/h. Depends on several factors particularly proximity to the metro station, and the bussines or organisation it's close to. The most expensive is right across my old office building, the UN also had their office there, so it's an expensive area. Normal is about 6€ per hour, a street down my apartment. In my old job I was payed 2,75€/h, 5 days a week, 8h daily work, 550€/month salary (back office job). They didn't pay overtime, but it was expected to stay overtime. I was also doing some extra remote work for an extra 200, because no one can survive in 550. My babysitter was asking for 5€/ hour, and rightly so. So this is how I quit, it was costing us more to work. 😂

  2. All parking around the UN and their offices has to be expensive to make up for the lost revenue from diplomats who use their immunity like the free parking square in monopoly.

  3. Your her boyfriend, not the CIA, you don’t get to monitor her communications, period, full stop. Quit being a creep.

  4. Obviously she only resorted to this because you've done something to trigger it. Some self reflection is necessary as well.

  5. Maybe when your boyfriend tells you to lose weight, he really means you need to lose the heavy baggage of a trash personality.

  6. Break up and stop doing things to deliberately make your girlfriend upset. I'm sick of guys getting away with this gaslighty behavior but since the girl has the reactive response... no.

  7. Replace “Texting another girl” with “not having dinner ready on time” and you’ll realize how incredibly stupid you sound right now with your “hitting is bad but…(3 paragraphs of justification for her actions.”


  9. Wait, so you are trying to excuse anti-Semitism because Israel jails terrorists?

  10. Yes, I heard they also bake the blood of Christian and Muslim boys into their matzo!!

  11. Can the guys who do this investigation also look into why Ilhan Omar always gets her torso stuck in the washing machine every time she goes to her brother’s house?

  12. If a guy posted this, he’d be getting called abusive. Just saying.

  13. He works for himself and sets his own hours. He doesn't need to be working that much - and I'd bet money that he does it (at least in part) so he doesn't have to share in the work of running a household.

  14. You obviously don’t know anyone who runs there own business. 70 hours a week is not uncommon at all, and it is pretty likely he does need to work that much.

  15. If he had to live alone, he would have to do things around the house and he can do them while he has a partner, too.

  16. I only ask because the answer is different if its a service oriented frat vs a social frat

  17. Is it 100 million per species? Do we really need monkeys in the world?

  18. If the Braves make Mr Carter happy then I guess they can continue to exist.

  19. My daughter and I are working on seeing a game in every ballpark. The Phanatic scared the crap out of her. Why are Phans like this?

  20. 6 oil executives found guilty of embezzlement now free

  21. Until cops stop behaving like they did in Minneapolis (George Floyd) and Uvalde (That cowardice), I will not trust them with my protection, I can handle that myself.

  22. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t bother not even a slightly bit cause that’s bs and you’re lying to yourself

  23. Wouldn’t bother me. It’s weird when people don’t have lives outside their phone.

  24. If you would rather choose your daily drinking habit over your husband, you should probably look into getting your alcohol use evaluated by a professional.

  25. I get what you’re saying, but what about his smoking? I don’t drink daily. I have too much going on for that. Regardless, he will Smoke everyday, multiple times a day, even leaving work to get high.

  26. People love stomping their feet over new leadership and hate providing examples of people who both want and would be good at it.

  27. See my comment: I think that we need to elevate the veterans of the GWOT into leadership roles in both parties. They type of person who is willing to put their body in harms way in service to their nation is the type of person we need right now to not only cure our institutions of graft and corruption, but also to help heal the wounds in a nation that has started to look at ideological opponents as the enemy rather than the opposition.

  28. NTA, and you probably looked like super cool action hero walking away while the wedding exploded behind you.

  29. Lol love how you just finished the joke anyway

  30. Loved the potato line. Sounds like the two of you miss each other very much. Don’t worry, soon he’ll be older and can make his own decision and have more time to spend with you, and he’ll need a dad when he’s 18, 21, 30 etc ❤️

  31. This video is the root of the joke, it started with us quoting it to each other and kind of snowballed into a whole thing from there.

  32. It sounds like a tough situation to be in, but I don't think you screwed up. It seems like you emphasized that you love him no matter what his identity is. You don't need to be gung-ho about his label to love and support him. If you're really concerned though, you can get him a little pin/sticker/something with the bi flag. That would show him that you're in his corner.

  33. Just picked up an iron on bi flag to put on my jersey for the half marathon I’m running tomorrow. There is a possibility he may be there to watch, so I am hoping he gets to see it.

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