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  1. My question would be: How does it sound hearing the songs Dusty used to sing? Tush, Viva Las Vegas, Delirious, Heard It On The X, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, etc. Dusty mostly sang backup, but he did trade lead vocals with Billy quite a bit and it sounded great. I have no idea how Elwood sounds on vocals.

  2. They don’t really do Dusty’s tunes now. Saw them a month ago (it was fucking awesome) but it was all Billy singing. Glad I got to hear Just Got Paid live.

  3. McLeans a company man. Whatever they tell him to say he’ll gladly say. Although, him endlessly quoting Bob Seeger a couple weeks ago was 100% cheesy Ron

  4. I have a Trend diamond stone and it works great. I use it in tandem with Shapton stones for all my plane blades and chisels. My Trend diamond has a 300 grit side and a 1000 grit side.

  5. No, but kings came back from 3-0 in the first and went to another game 7 in the second and third series. 2014. Gnarly post season.

  6. Also, both Richards and Gagne had been apart of the Flyers team that came back from a 0-3 series deficit. Then they went to LA and did it again against San Jose. Incredible.

  7. Weren’t they down 3-1 in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds ? I remember that was an epic run. One of my favourites

  8. This for a crown moulding? Cutting it on the spring angle is the way to go if your saw can do it.

  9. Thank you for the insight. This particular cut is for wall framing though. I know there is a lot of tan and cosin and whatnot but I was wondering if there was a secret to not have to do all the math. Thanks again.

  10. I honestly just do mock ups on scraps when I have to do something like this.

  11. Not sure if this is fixable. I do know that people do put a cover sheet over their cut parts so they don't warp overnight. I can't remember the science behind it, but if you leave a piece on your bench one side has zero air circulation while the top is exposed, which can lead to warping. Also, plywood can warp just by passing it through the saw (same with solid wood). However, you said it was straight and true after cutting so I would guess the storage of your parts is the culprit.

  12. yes. more reference surface when sharpening. honestly, when it comes to handtools just go with quality and spend the money

  13. I completely agree. This show has a shelf life based on the way it's set up. I'm far more interested in the girls' descent into madness and how that narrative plays out. However, since that's a finite timeline I feel like the writers are dragging out both periods so they can get two seasons out of this show.

  14. Her death is like Piggy breaking his glasses in Lord of the Flies. I feel like things are finally going to devolve now that the symbolic moral character is gone. There's one short clip in the episode 9 trailer that looks like the girls are participating in some kind of pagan festival celebration, which to me is the result of Laura Lee's Christian presence being removed from the picture.

  15. I know a bit about air disasters, and yeah, the explosion was a bit of a stretch, because you need oxygen mixed in to create fuel vapor. Flight 800 is an example of this, with a spark most likely touching off vapors in the central fuel tank.

  16. ya, a better ending would be for the plane to just nose dive into the lake mirroring her face dive at the pool. The explosion was a bit much.

  17. I went big last year and splurged on a FS Tool Dado set and haven’t regretted it, but that will run you at least $250. Freud makes an affordable set that gets the job done. We have a set in our shop for general purpose work and it takes a heavy work load and performs well.

  18. I have a contingency plan. I purchased NHL Centre Ice yesterday and I’m going to enjoy watching other hockey markets.

  19. Redo the jig and use a stable sheet good likeMDF or baltic ply. The most important spacing is the distance between the dado stack and peg/tooth...whatever you wanna call it. Does that make sense? The size of the stack or your peg doesn’t “really” matter. A 3/4” dado needs 3/4” before the peg starts. A 1/2” dado needs a 1/2” before the pegs starts etc. Of course, most people make the peg the same size as the dado so that when they bunny hop over each time theres no slop and you stay precise. These jigs are better made as table saw sleds as well.... good luck

  20. This shit is such a bore. Who walks around all day with the burden of history on their back; unable to watch a fucking movie without theorizing and critiquing ad nauseam. Take a Xanax buddy and get a job that tuckers you out proper.

  21. Nice to see Seattle aren’t pushovers. However, as a Canucks fan I can see there won’t be any rent free games against these guys

  22. Not until now! Same drum intro on Forbidden Fruit too. There’s hardly any songs opening up with drums on the first few albums. Levon definitely goes heavy with it on Islands but I ain’t complaining. Maybe at this point the creative fire wasn’t there and they really didn’t care if song intros were redundant. Islands was really just a contractual obligation anyway. I still like this album alot though. Right as Rain is one of my favourite Band tunes.

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