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  1. Instead of minecraft_stick you should try minecraft:stick same for the summon thunder

  2. Cloudwolf just released recently a video on similar topic

  3. For hard coded value you need to use matches like execute if score NICK SCOREBOARD matches VALUE With value being either a value or a range

  4. Just fish in gzme that's it and Odie will make a post at the end of the event to announce the winner After what they will receive automatically their price

  5. To execute a command with some delay checkout the wiki on the /schedule command, it is very easy to use.

  6. I'm not quite sure you can use the not operator on nbt (!)

  7. The full syntzx tree for the execute command is available here

  8. execute positionned X Y Z as @a[r=..0.5] rotated as @s run tp A B C ~-90 ~

  9. It doesn't seem to work, all the text after "execute" is red

  10. If you just copy and paste that's normal typo error Only one n in positioned

  11. Same idea but for projectile you've got to add the projectile direction

  12. Create a special room Then let player put item in chest and or specify the amount they will pay for But for now don't let them access the others room

  13. Can i also make it so i can tag people and tp them to a coord using the tag? and does the tag stay on their permanently?

  14. The tag stay as long as you doesn't explicitly remove it

  15. what’s a example on how to tp a tag? i’m bad at commands lel

  16. execute as @a[x=0,y=1,z=2,dx=3,dy=4,dz=5] run tp @s X Y Z

  17. This is something you migbtbe unable to do with datapacks But I'm pretty sure you can still so some tricks to make it

  18. how does the radius work and can you make it so the radius isn't where the command block is?

  19. just realized that i left this part out but i need a command that would go like this : (testfor at-a) cant use the @ symbol and an A next to each other on reddit apparently, and then (tp at-a "world spawn cords") but i need a repeating command block that only activates once/aka i need to constantly be testing for a new player and not the same player over and over again

  20. For @ problem, you can suround the characted with signle quote (`) like that : `@` or use a backslash before like that \@

  21. It's realy hard, and almost impossible to know what a player precisely hit. In fact if two player (P and Q for example), on the same tick, hit two different entity(E and F for example) and admit that P hit E and Q hit F , if those 4 entity are close to each other you won't be able to differ who hit who. You just be able to know that P and Q hit something and E and F have been hit.

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