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  1. It's just a cover page, no real context. But, some people use it for the 13 Straw Hats theory.

  2. Can you explain that theory? The only obvious ones i see are Zoro, Franky, and maybe Jimbei, but that's all i got

  3. Some people think that since the cats represent the Straw Hats, and that there are 13 cats, there will be 13 Straw Hats. The theory I liked a lot said this:

  4. In this list? Robin, Buggy, or Fubuki. But overall I want a good Revy. Not the bondagey one that came out recently, just her typical shorts and tank top combo.

  5. I saw this picture awhile ago but oddly, the first thing I noticed was the font in the top right looking very One Piece-y. Then someone pointed out how it's a recreation of volume

  6. This just in, bullet could not have been fired unless gun was loaded.

  7. I’m no doctor but maybe because of her severe injuries she stopped breathing and they couldn’t resuscitate her fast enough, or her brain swelled when she went into a coma cutting off blood and oxygen? It’s sad.

  8. Yep, the injuries might take some time to really become threatening, in the case of brain swelling for instance. When I was 24, I got into a serious car wreck, I was conscious as they air lifted me to a hospital (I don't remember it of course). After a week or so, I started showing signs of head trauma and brain swelling, and an aneurism. Apparently I was extremely close to not making it, they had restrictions on the number of people in the room, sound level restrictions to prevent more swelling, etc. I was unconscious for almost a month before things really started to improve.

  9. Tekking is so genuine and knowledgeable that his cringe is endearing

  10. Legit the best one imo, but I am a bit of a fan of GLR. His humor is pretty solid in my book.

  11. I wake up and go about my day. That's it, no mystery. I get 6 or 7 hours typically. I get up, have breakfast, take a shower, and that's it. No coffee, nothing like that.

  12. Where? In podunk nowhereville? Some red state with a population of 7? Major cities shit is still 4+

  13. Been under 4 here for maybe two months or so, dipped to 3.50, currently sitting at about 3.75. It's not a small town but its smaller than places like Dallas for sure.

  14. Wait the straw hats have zodiacs beyond Luffy too?

  15. They do, it's just not assigned to them as directly as the marines.

  16. Carrot is the rabbit. What would Vivi, Jinbe, and Yamato be?

  17. Yamato was the dog, I think Vivi was the dragon, and Jinbe is the boar. I've also heard an argument that Chopper is actually the rabbit, something about the rabbit healing people, and Carrot is the rat, which I think was described as a trickster or a stowaway. I'm not having much luck finding details about that in the Zodiac myself though.

  18. It reminds me of when Tara Strong worked on Drawn Together. I think she almost exclusively did kids shows (Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls for example) for ages. I think she said she loved it specifically because it was so different from anything she did before.

  19. If that's what you like bruh, I was talking about shakky and the older waifu's

  20. Actually, joking aside, I think the anime made Flampe way more annoying.

  21. Absolutely, I didn't even remembered her when I finished WCI but when I watched the anime, it made me so angry. But still she's a child so no making her waifu alrite.

  22. Fair enough. I was looking for Sugar after noticing Flampe but didn't notice her. Mixed opinion with waifu status, but I got a good enough laugh out of her and Usopp to enjoy her.

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