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  1. Well everyone is different but.... beyond a nice hug/cuddle session with some words of affirmation, this seems a little too extreme or that you're being manipulated. Just my 2 cents though

  2. True, everyone is different. Aftercare with my Domme lasts between 5-15 minutes most of the time. I don't know that I agree that this seems like OP is being manipulated though, because everyone needs different things. Dom(me) aftercare is incredibly important, though not every Dom(me) wants/needs it. I don't know if OP also needs aftercare, or if they just need less responsibility on their shoulders after each scene.

  3. Yes, I guess I used the wrong word when I said manipulated. I did not mean to downplay after care at all. Just seemed like a lot to ask for from her. But that could be what she truly needs, just maybe more responsibility than alot of people would care to follow through with.

  4. Who cares, so sick of cancel culture. If this is your problem in life I want your life. It wasn't wise to say but not worth calling for the guys head

  5. Yeah it’s exhausting, completely. Imagine having so much privilege that you overhear something someone said, then wrap it up to suit your narrative, and claim absolute outrage.

  6. Right? Everyone's so crusty, ready to pounce on anyone, no empathy or forgiveness for mistakes. Just whatever narrative they can push to make themselves stand out. The old saying "get a life" really applies to alot of these types these days

  7. Not sure, just unfortunate he left when he did and couldn't stay for one last season. The whole Africa thing really made eric as a character a really rotten person in the end. Not sure what else the writers could've done, its on Topher.

  8. Are you unaware of the renovations planned/in progress?

  9. Not at all. Lipstick on a pig my friend. This franchise deserves so much more than a face-lift

  10. The renovations - field dimensions, reorienting which way all of the seats are facing, placement of the bullpens are all extraordinarily significant. Much more than a cosmetic change. You appear to be shit talking or ignorant of the relevant facts here.

  11. Nope. Goto parks in the states. Rogers centre is still trash. Bottom 10 for sure used to be bottom 3 til these renos

  12. A new series with same writers and premise sure. Just new names and characters.

  13. Sounds like malarky, something tells me if you sign a contract with a pro team it's understood you sign over your rights to your last name for merch etc.

  14. So many people forget about the man who holds most of the team records. Carlos Delgado

  15. The creator if it's like it is now won't have enough to resemble it well. Depends on tools that come in 23

  16. Try not to vomit * With renos it'll be better but not much compared to actual ballparks.

  17. rivals only the Trop and maybe the Coliseum as the worst stadium in baseball; it’s a hard truth to accept as a Torontonian 😞

  18. At least we are aware enough to understand that unlike 90% of the fanbase lol

  19. It's nirvana hands down. I don't mind nirvana but kinda annoying sometimes, there's just no denying how big they were back then

  20. For all those saying buy the boxset, sorry but no, I have it and don't even have a bluray player anymore let alone DVD. Dead tech

  21. Can't be the only one sick of hearing about nimmo, sign him or don't sign him it's not even a big enough acquisition to have headlines everyday

  22. I absolutely do. I send him links of N trait’s immediately after he does the N thing. It helps me when we start doing the twilight zone fight and Im able to remind him “yea there it is, get control of it“. Idk if its helping but things are a little better. I think he has N tendencies bc he was raised by one, so knowing there is an actual term for his issues might help him work them out when he feels the urge to be a lunatic

  23. I'm lost as well, even if there's some manipulating tactic to do back so they prioritize a partner more I'd do it

  24. Gruber always seemed funny to me for a pet, cito and gibby good too

  25. Even worse it's like when you go grocery shopping bellinger not even on the list, but if I see him and he's on sale sure why not we'll see

  26. Buck was a player, manager, and broadcaster for the better part of 40 years. Retire his number

  27. I'll forever be analog hitting with stride and analog pitching. Here's hoping they never change it.

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