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I’ve lurked this sub since its inception. Thank you all for making me laugh through the hardest year of my life.

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  1. It’s too bad Judge Judy won’t be the presiding judge. I’d love to see her rip him a new one!

  2. Well, you did something right, HiLIARa. You managed to bring a village together to raise your kids, since you obvs need a TEAM of NANNIES... now, that you've gotten Alec the baseball team he's always wanted. And, of course he's trying to keep up with RFK Jr. Please... no Eddie Murphy or Nick Cannon shenanigans! Alec, serious question... Are there any other kids out there with other women, that we need to know about? Consider this part of your vetting process for POTUS one day... (Big Al's other dream). don't finish Rust. Use toy guns... water guns, if you do.

  3. Alec Baldwin is in jail or a home grown insane asylum. 🤣 he goes to Federal Prison and Hillary Lynn, the new Octomom, goes to visit and calls papz to document everything. Alec should get house arrest. Ankle monitor.

  4. She really thinks she's a Kardashian

  5. Alec is good friends with Kris and Kim... the whole family. Alec's connected to the gills. Hilaria doesn't bother me, anymore. She learning. 😂😂😂 next, they will sue Reddit to take over this sub?

  6. I would totally wear this, but different slippers. I am a few years older than Hilaria Baldwin. She's still a baby. Spoiled rotten sugar baby.

  7. Just remember, after this she whipped off her bra and did the whole two headed breast feeding photo sesh. 💃

  8. Now you know why Hilaria can't change back bc she's been auditioning for Alec in that accent for a decade now. But, she "code-switches" whatever. Remember that one? Good Lord.

  9. Nobody gave a shit. My cousin would get so annoyed with me for talking about griftmas. Like, who gives a crap? It's been interesting to me. But, so over it. The monotonous drivel and whatever. Whatever whatever. The cucumbers or pepinos are cool. But, hey, yo... I have a life. Lol.

  10. What about men? Apparently Elon Musk does not have the college degree he claims to have. Furthermore he perpetually misrepresents his companies as his creations when in reality all of them were purchased starting with seed money that came from his father's apartheid-era South African mines, in other words from human slavery.

  11. I’m gonna be doing a YouTube live podcast about our favorite Bothstonian soon…I do one on Howard Stern but this is infinitely more interesting than that Pelican…

  12. I like Howard. He's far more interesting than these two clowns. But, yeah, being topical and all... I guess you should do it. You'll be posting a link, no? Si or no? 🥒🥒🥒

  13. If this doesn't bring her folks from Spain, nothing will . At least her brother, her trauma bonding buddy over being Spanish trapped in a Bostonian body

  14. Maybe Hilaria and her brother are the love children of their mom and their mom's Spanish lover! Neither looks like David Thomas. Kathy had an Hispanic surrogate? DNA test!

  15. Duh. I was just adding that as another choice. LOL. Totally joking! I don't think she looks so much like her parents... Dave and the housekeeper/nanny's kids? LOL

  16. Their lives are such a sham. But, I do think that Alexander has become smitten by the new and improved Hilaria. He was able to mold her into the woman he wanted. He knew exactly what he was doing. She was 11 yrs old when Ireland was born. She's like his daughter. Imagine if he had met Hillary Lynn as a child... was promised her by the Thomas's. So gross. But, whatever. They're going to be grandparents soon. Ha ha! Hillary is going to be Granny Baldwin! Lol.

  17. I think she ramped up what ever sexual kink he has, giving his ego a good stroke as well, people say she's destroying him, she doesn't want to lose her meal ticket, she needs him on her side because no one else is

  18. Definitely. I think you're right. Alec had the rep of being a very horny dude when I lived in NYC. I think she gets it now. Lol. They are working as a team... Now, to leave her face alone. She still looks good. Don't go Madonna on us. She's beautiful, however she's done something to her jaw line that looks very angular. But, whatever. My new mantra for '23 is... whatever. LOL. Live life! ✌🏼️💜

  19. Right? Even Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Ringo Starr could have lended a hand. After all, they're all good friends, aren't they? Please! See this idea and carry it out. Alec might be a bit too embarrassed of his ferel children and overly sexualized Stepford wife, to introduce them to the Beatles in real life.

  20. Not to mention she's raising her kids to be posers. She dresses them in Spanish football jerseys/t-shirts but don't play or even show interest in soccer. 😏

  21. What about their fake band? It's so sad that their youth is being squandered bc Hillary wants all of the attention.

  22. Omg!! I love it!! Ireland is going to get so many endorsements! She's going to show us how it should be done!! Hillary must be flipping out!

  23. It's on one side, only. I forget which one. It depends on whether she's doing a mirror selfie or if the pic/video is being taken by someone else. The mirror inverts the image.

  24. What's wrong with a dream catcher? That's a nice gift. But, won't Carrrrmen see this on your IG, Hillary Lynn? Is Carmen allowed to look at Instagram? A little young for that, no? Edit: for Instagram, too young. Not, the dream catcher.

  25. Because what she really wants is a Barbie doll… but considering that’s what Hilary thinks she is it would be in direct competition…

  26. Why not both? I'm sure that she'll receive more than one gift. Yeah, Hillary is playing "house" every day, with real life baby dolls. You would think she would have learned to support the babies' heads by this time.

  27. Who knows but once again that child is not properly dressed for the middle of December

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