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Affidavits: 2 more pregnant minors who were raped were denied Ohio abortions


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  1. There’s a reason that Kemp, for the most part, has been laying low and not saying much this cycle. He’s hoping people will forget about his ads from 2018, hoping the GQP will forget about him not overturning the 2020 election, and hoping people will forget about him stupidly saying that he didn’t know that COVID could be transmitted when someone is asymptomatic. Oh, he’s also hoping no one quizzes him too hard on his abortion and gay marriage stances, or that he supports voter suppression.

  2. The sad fact is nobody has the balls to actually tackle the problem. Having the government eat half a trillion in student loans will only ensure we're right back here in 5-10 years.

  3. Weathy people can opt out of taking Social Security insurance but of course they don't.

  4. Maybe time for the President to revisit all those forgiven PPP loans.

  5. Here is what I like about Ohio. We don't have toll roads. I think there is one by Cleveland, but by and large you can drive with out having to pay. The state parks are free to visit. My wife and I went to Main and you have to pay to visit their parks. In Cincinnati the Art museum is free and the Air force museum in Dayton is free. Our taxes might be a little higher than other states but you don't get nickle and dimed to death.

  6. I honestly think most of the hate or complaints come from those who have not lived elsewhere.

  7. FYI: the following races as NOT gerrymandered, meaning all eligible voters in the entire state vote to elect these seats.

  8. Don't look at the labor participation rate (approximately 61% with 40% people out of the workforce but actively seeking) reason why unemployment exists.

  9. -FirstEnergy bribery scandal under Dewine and republicans. Largest corruption scandal in Ohio history used to fund Republican election candidates

  10. Just anecdotal so not a reflection of the entire state but all I heard this weekend while watching football at bars was "Taxing Tim Ryan this and Taxing Tim Ryan that" which didn't give me a lot of hope for the area I'm from but I'm hopeful enough people realize Vance is a terrible choice and go a different direction.

  11. It's like watching pigs wrestling in the mud.

  12. Yes, like it but different because the rest of us, and our country, are getting the beat down.

  13. Every woman in the United States should be voting against any politician that voted for a ban on abortion. Because we don't know what else they think is a great idea!

  14. Republican women in Ohio will vote for the current State legislature and Governor Mike dewine and then complain about the abortion band next year.

  15. So people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions? Contraceptives are widely available in the USA. You can even have the morning after pill shipped to your house.

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