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  1. I had great results although it was intense! I was peeling for about a month after. My melasma is way less although it does seem to be coming back a bit!

  2. My wording wasn’t great. I mean that the maintenance cream was strong enough to give me a full face peel over about a week. That was a good hit to the darker melasma, then after I healed I’ve been using it in smaller doses.

  3. I know this is an old post, but I just had them help me. I was in the same boat.

  4. Because... It's America. The media loves to make us squabble so much between each other we can't see straight.

  5. I had my surgery. The experience was less than ideal, but my uterus was healthy. I have a post about pelvic floor pt on my profile. You might look into it as complications can arise. Wishing you the best! ❤️

  6. Ha! I just imagined a country-wide organ exchange where we all have testing to assess whatever makes us compatible to exchange organs, and then we contact each other, share the adventures our organs have been on, and plan surgery dates where we go to the same hospital and exchange our organs in two simultaneous surgeries. Preferably right next door!

  7. Upwards of $3k, and I don't regret any of it except excel V.

  8. I think I am going to try this. Was your redness constant or did it flare up? My face is constant but my neck, chest and arms flare. I did notice it got much worse when it got super hot and humid out. Does that sound like what you went through? I am going to buy this at the store today!

  9. Yes! Way worse on my body whenever I sweated. I hope it helps. You can't beat a $5 fix!

  10. I did look up what a skin fungal rash looks like and it doesn't look like mine :( Mine is red and blotchy sometimes but not scaly and circular like the pictures.

  11. I think it depends. My left arm gets it more than my right, but I attribute that to driving in sunny CA.

  12. I'd be calling my doctor. That's why they're paid the big bucks.

  13. I’m already on an antibiotic for the likely infection that I have.

  14. I had it on my left side. I happened to move wrong and it took a few weeks to settle down.

  15. No problem. I have a post on my profile of what everything looks like if you're interested. It explains how beneficial Pelvic Floor PT can be.

  16. Me. 100% 10 years post op, I'm shortened, and still can't shit unless it's diarrhea.

  17. Wow really? What do you mean by shortened? And why the diarrhea? I bet your doctors say it’s NOT from the hysterectomy right? They never listen.

  18. I have a thread about it on my profile regarding pelvic floor PT. You should read it.

  19. Downward Dog has always had other side effects for me, and I hope you know what I'm talking about there...

  20. I'm looking for an app that teaches ASL for my 11th grader. The fall term uses McGraw-Hill. I've looked everywhere, and there are a lot of good apps, but I want to make sure it's the right curriculum.

  21. I didn't look into apps much. Back even I wrote this most apps were lazy, useless pies of junk. Maybe there's something better now but I'm not aware of it.

  22. My Step aunt/Grandmother- yes, you read that right. My aunt married her husband, and her husband's sister married my Grandfather... (20 years younger)

  23. Scale weight. You could be a big booty male or female, but the scale betrays you.

  24. I homeschool through a charter. My girls ACED their tests (12 and 16 US).

  25. I'm jealous he gets to go to work while I'm stuck at home with our kids. 6th and 10th grade suck to relive. 🙄

  26. I was this person for 11 years. Minus the appreciation and even minimal respect

  27. I make my husband's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More often than not, I pack them 5-7 days a week for him to take to work. I also lay out his clothes; I'm a homemaker. I balance the finances and am a self published author.

  28. I'm a military spouse (US). I've found that while my husband can vote, he chooses not to.

  29. I order Dairy Queen. I've found if I promise myself to do my best, that delicious calorie laden reward is worth it.

  30. Ah yeah. I've heard that there are a lot of military spouses that associate social rank based on the spouses military rank which just seems like such nonsense to me. Sorry you have to deal with those people

  31. Yes to flushing, heat, and general redness. Go to my page. I have a thread about it with pics.

  32. I'm pretty freaking sensitive, but the flushing has definitely lessened after I identified my triggers and started VB.

  33. This is so sweet. Op, I love you, too, and wish you the best ❤️💙

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