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  1. That’s 100% the answer as to why Harry survived the forest. But I’m not sure it answers OP’s question. The physical container was still intact; for your explanation to be true, I think the “container” would have to be Harry’s soul/life, and not his body. But I’m not sure if that’s possible given what we know about horcruxes.

  2. Well the Container was destroyed beyond magical repair if we assume the body is destroyed when it dies. And if this is the case it cannot be repaired by Magic as there is no spell that can reawaken the death.

  3. As cool as this would be, I'd rather go a little farther afield and suggest a first-war prequel centered around Molly and Arthur with Voldemort's first rise to power occurring throughout.

  4. Well since Arthur and molly didnt fight in the first war that would hardly be interesting to watch

  5. Did u read the book? If not i kinda understand it. If you have seen it i would suggest an asylum.

  6. I made this Elder Wand wall display this weekend.

  7. I always imagined the door to be in one corner of the hall instead of centre. Slytherin students would have quite a Problem seeing the teachers if there would be 3 other tables in Front of them.

  8. No Harry hears about 1/3 of the prophecy and dumbledore doesnt explain what it means to him after the events at the ministry.

  9. They also added great things that weren't in the books. There are definitely some changes with characters but nothing that completely ruins everything. I think that's a bit dramatic. And the story still makes sense. It definitely makes more in the books but it's not like you can't understand what's going on. Like I said before, extra details that just add to everything.

  10. Well the whole prophecy Thing and the ending of DH isnt explained at All. So i consider the movies to have quite a few serious plotholes.

  11. U can also just forceload the chunk via FTB-Teams. Default Hotkey should be "M". Shift rightclick to forceload

  12. I think Dumbledore, as a Headmaster has the ability to use Portkey on Hogwards ground. He used it in OOTP to send Harry back to Hogwards. Also he disabled this protection in HBP for apparition practice inside great hall.

  13. He also used a portkey in OOTP to send Harry und the weasley children to grimmauld place after Arthur gets attacked by nagini

  14. Its called the "limbo". Its a World between the Living and dead. Dumbledore never left Harry in his heart so He appeared there together with Harry and the rest of voldis soul.

  15. Ow ye, never thought about that.

  16. I would recommend stephen frys version if u are going to Listen to them in english

  17. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Molly is one bad ass witch and I love her! Not only did she singlehandedly keep the Weasley houshold running, she raised 8 kids (9 if you count Arthur, as we should) with characters so utterly different it's uncanny but still all of them turned out to be well educated and successfull people. Most would already break with just Fred and George alone!

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