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  1. My SIL did cashapp same cycle same DDD she got hers around the same time we did this afternoon. We used chime personally and where cycle 04

  2. I just read a few people with the same DDD and chime just got their deposit.

  3. Check yours tomorrow!! Don’t worry it’s coming soon e are cycle 04 and it finally updated for us!

  4. No we claimed 5 kids this year and got screwed compared to recent years. It’s just back to the actual tax rebates prior to the pandemic.

  5. Filed Jan 23, recieved state on Feb 1 (ND) now just a waiting game for federal (pather)

  6. Do what works for your family. I have 6 kids in my house rn 2 nieces ages 1 & 7 plus my 4 kids ages 3,6,11 & 13. I have a rather strict but lenient 8 pm cool down time. So all kids in their beds, teeth brushed and they can watch a movie, by 9 generally all 4 younger kids are asleep the tv goes off. They sleep until 7-8 am. (I homeschool 3/4 school aged kids). My older two are always asleep by 10 and my oldest gets up at 6:45 to get ready for school. My 11 year old sometimes sleeps in but is usually up by 7:30.

  7. Yup my daughter probably has had 3-4 different things since September. Strep, ear infection, a few colds, now she has something again and she has a rash with it. Going to try to get her into the doctor but that's been an issue too.

  8. We have had rhinovirus/adenovirus, RSV and now pneumonia it’s non stop and I seriously want to cry! My 2 year old daughter and my 1 year old niece get the worst of it and get so sick each time. It’s awful

  9. We just got home from the doctor and she has strep for the second time since early October and she also had a really bad ear infection and a cold.

  10. I know the feeling they should have a room dedicated for my circus. Hope your tiny gets better soon!

  11. You can write a letter, asking to be excused or an exemption. Also you should have gotten a questionnaire with the summons and if he does not speak English you check no.

  12. Yes I see it a form about non English speakers on the website, will the questionnaire need to be completed regardless? There’s a mail letter version and another on their webpage

  13. Here in ND you have 5 days to complete the questionnaire and you have to fill out regardless of your situation. I was just summoned recieved my letter on Saturday. I did the online questionnaire along with the written and with the written wrote a letter asking to be excused due to my specific situation. They haven’t recieved the letter yet, but told me if I haven’t heard by text or email by Friday to call back. So I’d fill out the form, and with the form write a letter explaining.

  14. We have a set 8 pm bedtime/settle time for all under the age of 10. Doesn’t change even in the summer, minus a few special occasions. My 2 year old cosleeps and my 5 year old occasionally comes and sleeps in here too. My daughter will not go to bed without me literally right next to her, so I will lay with her until she falls asleep and give it an extra 20-30 minutes until I know she’s completely out to do whatever mom wants for a little bit. Because we have such a strict bed time routine, the kids generally do not sleep in. This was the same even as babies.

  15. Here’s a real life story about a mommy in ND. This mommy was so excited for her son and niece to start kindergarten and for her older boys to return to in person learning. One month in, mommy’s 2 year old came down with something awful, 1 week later 2 year old was hospitalized with adenovirus/rhinovirus… things started to get better than at the end of October 2 year old came down with RSV and ended back in the hospital, which was an awful experience and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. Lots of tears and many many worries. Mommy went to the local school board asking what she could do. Needless to say all kiddos aside from the oldest are back to home learning. End of story. Lol & that mommy was me. What works for one family won’t necessarily work for the next. What works for my family as hectic as it may be won’t work for Susie down the street. It’s not feasible and nearly impossible to separate in families with small children. Mommy now sleeps better at night knowing all tiny humans can somewhat be protected in the comfort of our own home.

  16. No, I’d lay with the babies until they passed out and even still do this with my toddler. Than I’ll do what mommies like to do which is watch something that isn’t animated with repetitive songs and than crawl back into bed with my toddler

  17. I have dealt with a couple year older child having thoughts and than us instantly seeking help for him which a year later he still recieves. Bullying was a main source so we switched schools, and he is now thriving. Also a feeling of abandonment which stems from his bio mom dipping out and not doing court mandated visitations. I am also a child of someone who on countless occasions attempted and I’ve personally found them lying on the floor in a pool of their own filth and empty bottles at 11 years old. It’s traumatic. Kids don’t always open up either. So we have found therapy and a psychiatrist to work with our child.

  18. I slept with my babies the moment they where allowed to come home from the hospital, I had less anxiety knowing they where right next to me. Our layout when my daughter was born was daddy, son, mommy, baby with our mattress on the floor so if/when baby started to roll she didn’t go very far. Son transitioned himself into his own bed(still room-shared) not long after baby was born. He slept right though the crying, and when I got up to pump/dump into a bottle I’d take baby with me to the living room/kitchen to feed and change. Than crawl back into bed after feeding. On lazier nights I’d pump right in the room and again daddy and son slept right through it. I’m probably the only light sleeper in our household everyone else could sleep through the loudest of loud noises. I wake up from a simple tap or cough or sneeze 😂 I suppose that’s mom brain constantly working/worrying.

  19. My son was 3 when my daughter was born we coslept with him from the moment he came into the world and some how managed to fit all 4 of us in what I’d like to consider a not very large bed. He got sick of not having enough space, so we decided to buy him a big boy bed and place it right next to our bed. A few months later he said he wanted a big boy room and ever since with the occasional wanting some snuggles with mama he has been in his own room. We allowed him to make the choice to stop and I’d like to think it was the best choice. My now almost 3 year old daughter co sleeps still to this day, with a Minnie Mouse bed right next to ours in case she decides she wants to move into her own space.

  20. I took metformin for 2 years it kept my weight gain down, however I never grew out of the upset stomach stage. But while on it I was able to have a baby after 3 years of trying. Now I just do intermittent fasting and am able to keep my weight somewhat down.

  21. My two younger ones are 3 years apart when I had my 5 year old son we had a night nursery option. When I had my daughter in 2020 it was no longer and option mind you she was also born 2 months before the pandemic. I was told it’s also supposed to help moms be more hands on and prepared to go home with baby.

  22. Question. How is your period when you do get it? I’m a once to twice a year here when I get it naturally I’ve induced periods with provera before. However haven’t since June. I got it yesterday and it’s awful, heavy and painful. I was diagnosed with pcos at 25 after the birth of my son.

  23. I just want to say thank you to everyone with the positive comments and support! It’s also nice to know I’m not the only one out there with a kiddo who just doesn’t want to be potty trained right now. I am stepping back and just going to go with the flow. Quite literally lol. I praise the parents whose children where potty trained right away, you all are awesome. && for those of us still out here chasing after a toddler with baby wipes and a fresh pamper congrats your just as awesome!

  24. On her pants. I wouldn’t do the free-bottoms (no pants no undies) method.

  25. I tried this for a whole week with those padded toddler undies. They have princesses on them (they where even cute 🤣) She seemed to be unphased. This mama is officially defeated by a cute but sassy and stubborn tiny human. What is crazy though is she will tell you when she dirties her diaper whether she wears or poos and wants to be changed immediately she knows. Or at least I believe she knows, she doesn’t want to be in a wet diaper. I just don’t understand why she doesn’t want to sit on a potty of any sort whether the big potty with a seat or a little floor potty. She has no problem peeing her pants or in the bathtub 🤦‍♀️

  26. Meee!! I thought I was going insane and my youngest is almost 3 & I have to wear a panty liner because I’m always leaking.

  27. Nope, one emotions are emotions. How would anyone feel being told they can’t cry or express themselves. Uffta. As for genderizing anything. In my house my daughter plays with cars and babies. She gets dirty and loves being clean and dress like a princess. My sons like painting their nails, one son has his ears pierced. One son loves the color pink. My youngest son likes playing with Barbie’s and babies. If we restrict them as littles they are just going to defy you later on in life. Let your kids express themselves in anyway they choose.

  28. My daughter swallowed a penny a few months ago. Brought her in, still have the X-ray picture lol. Anyways a day later after a fleet and some laxatives she pooped it out 😂

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