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  1. ROTS is better than TROS, I can agree with you there

  2. Wolf: Hey Diane! It's nice to see you again! Diane: Well, Hey Wolfie. Nice to see you again too.~ Shark: GET TO THE SEX

  3. I’m a Christian and a furry. You’re braver than me, for trying to bring the Word to a bunch of furries.

  4. At least they're getting rid of tier1 and adding what players really wanted, hardcore

  5. Since you are confused, the comments are referring to the fact that this particular post’s topic and opinions are shared daily all over YouTube and Reddit so we have heard it many a time

  6. I've been running fall on just about everything unless I want some more color, but yes I'm very happy fall has finally made a return

  7. I wouldn’t say that you could argue that. The prequels are definitely better than the sequels

  8. Wait, is this why Diane said to wear clean underwear?! XD

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