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  1. You indulged in a kink and now you mulling over should you experience it for real ๐Ÿคท I'm just guessing

  2. There is NEVER a shortage of players on TD2 at any time of the day that I am playing East Coast time on xbox. I can always find agents to help me in missions or join theirs for Shephard help. Not sure where the loss of players has come from?

  3. When there is supposed to be new content it's either underwhelming or poorly done with exception obviously countdown that's where the loss comes from

  4. I'm just saying that in the limited times that I have to get on, there are always players on. There are no shortage of rogues in the DZ, no shortage of random agents doing raids, random agents looking for help doing missions, or running control points on Heroic. I just don't see it when I play.

  5. With your back bent like hers was, I don't think you could either without potentially serious self injury

  6. I doubt a Ninjabike bag-like exotic would be that useful. Unlike in TD1, gear set pieces are flat out weaker than high-end pieces on their own in TD2 due to lacking a second minor attribute, so the more gear set pieces you use, the more of a stats disadvantage you'd run. Secondly, the Ninjabike bag could be rolled however you wanted, so you could make it fit in any build. But TD2 exotics have fixed stats, so such an exotic would either have to have one of every attribute (creating a Memento-like situation), or it would only work for specific types of combined gear set builds. Ironically, if a Ninjabike backpack equivalent went with the first option (all the stats), it would actually be more powerful in a high-end build than a gearset build, because you'd get all of the stats from the exotic and all of the stats from the high-ends too. Ninjabike was cool in TD1 because brand sets didn't exist and most high-end talents were lackluster, so you could boost your stats by activating gear set stat bonuses with fewer pieces, but with brand sets in TD2 that have 1-pc bonuses, stacking multiple gear set bonuses no longer gives you much of a stats advantage.

  7. I see you bent over holding rail and getting creampied over and over until your legs get weak๐Ÿ˜Œ

  8. They giving him that are you gonna fall in line Treatment Twitch is annoying dude so what you expect that selective shit isn't good at all

  9. For me it's black op3 story was good and I actually enjoyed playing it for hour in the virtual sim going against waves ๐Ÿคท

  10. Would they let this happen to their elder family members?? This is disgusting and down right inhumane

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