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  1. It looks like a well used PM1, with the angle of the puc making the blade look a bit shorter.

  2. Thanks for your insight. I’m not very familiar with the earlier paramilitary models. I have a para 3 and have handled a pm2 but that is the extent experience.

  3. You won’t get perfect center but if you use the same process for centering the g10 model, you’ll be fine.

  4. Can you imagine the potential tactical advantage this dude has if that thing were armed??

  5. They have shit we can put on these to play lazer tag, but its incredibly hard to be accurate with it. What is happening in Ukraine though is a lot of the racers and freestyle guys were recruited and theyre strapping bombs on them and kamikazing them.

  6. Dude’s doing into his cocoon for the season and will emerge as a real candy maker when he’s ready.

  7. Remove the old battery and concrete and add a bigger battery.

  8. Correct because Civivi doesn’t market itself as user/beater knives like Cold Steel and Ontario, they want you to think your getting quality and aesthetics on the levels of Spyderco and Benchmade for a fraction of the cost. With their cute little pouch and stickers etc.

  9. I eat those peppers all the time and I would never advise anyone to do this shit! He deserved what he got.

  10. Glitch from Netflix and East Jiroux It Works. So, alien occultists vs demon fighting ninjas?

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