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  1. This has probably got nothing to do with football, its just how Brits get in Tenerife.

  2. I imagine there are many of these stories to come. And yet the Tories are still in government? What a shambles.

  3. True, but she wouldn't have got the money if we didn't have an elecged Tory government.

  4. I mean there are only about 3 million people in Qatar, and the shitty World Cup cost them £200b. Am I the only one seeing that its fucked up?

  5. Actually Qatar's citizen population is less than 400k. All the rest 2.5 million are migrant workers from South Asia

  6. Is it just me or the WC ball is really bouncy?

  7. It'll be best for him to shut up and keep a low profile. FIFA have done enough damage.

  8. Do you have a proof? Cheques? List of who was payed? Even if you go to court that testimony won't save you.

  9. Even fans actually from the qualified countries have been paid. Its completely open and not even a secret. People have been paid to promote the world cup on social media, and to report to the police anyone in Qatar who is critical of the Qatari authorities.

  10. So in your argument of "not some random indians" are you basically saying that other nationalities shouldn't be enthusiastically supporting a team that wasn't theirs?

  11. The teams should be supported by fans from their actual countries. The world cup is supposed to be a showcase of culture from the qualified nations. This isn't club football, these are NATIONAL teams representing the people of those nations.

  12. She was sentenced to 9 years for something a Russian citizen would get 15 days for. That's nothing to do with respecting the country's laws, thats just Russia needing political prisoners

  13. The same way black people jailed for weed in the USA are just needed as slave labour.

  14. Rumours are gonna start about him joining us and we’re gonna get all excited when we know it’s prob a bad idea ain’t we? Ffs

  15. Saliba is up there as well. He’s been amazing so far this season.

  16. I was thinking that but then I remember Trippier got done for basically the same thing, so it can’t be surely?

  17. I've tried to get involved with the local Labour group.

  18. Gatekeepers. Found most local party members see it as "their" party and don't want just anyone coming in, no matter how much you identify with said Party. Especially on strongholds/safe seats.

  19. I was Arteta in until we lost 5 0 to City, was quietly Arteta Out for a few months. Went to the Arsenal vs City Match on New Year's Day at the Emirates, and even though we lost, that's when I started backing Arteta again.

  20. That would be so smart, so we can rule out this ever happening

  21. London 2012 added 6000 new homes for the public at the Olympic Village alone. Completely changed the Stratford area.

  22. Hate Priti Patel with a passion and admittedly i dont know the details here, but surely in a matter involving national security and our intelligence services, it was inevitable that some information would be withheld from the public?

  23. Mane can't go to the world cup because France wanted to sell some fighter jets to Qatar. Crazy.

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