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This sign is about two hundred yards from my daughter's school.

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Beto O'Rourke Wednesday May 25th 2022

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  1. You're also asking a teacher to shoot a child, which like...they're not cops so they aren't trained to do that, you know?

  2. No one is asking all teachers to be required to have a gun.

  3. Arm the children. More people with guns. Guns solve everything. People with guns definitely protected the last school shooting. Those cops that watched the shooting were armed. They did so much. They were heros.

  4. You can spin this however you want, but you can’t escape the actual fact that the shooter showed no signs of stopping, until he was gunned down by a border patrol officer with a gun. If that officer was not there, more kids would have died.

  5. If we took guns away from all of them, no one would have been shot.

  6. How? How to you plan to make all of the guns in the US disappear all at once? How do you plan to “take them away” and get them all?

  7. Banning links to newspapers on a news aggregation platform seems like a terrible solution to that problem, however...

  8. It depends on what you see is the bigger problem. Not sharing a storing at all, or sharing a possibly misleading title that spreads misinformation.

  9. I’m not of the opinion the headline is misleading, and it is factually correct. They banned a number of current and former government/public figures, including people from both parties. Trump’s absence is at least a little noteworthy, especially considering Clinton’s inclusion.

  10. Oh shit you’re right. You think it’s still a problem tho? I hear people taking as if it’s still going on but I assume everything’s back to normal.

  11. More than anyone else, I get David Attenborough.

  12. Like I said, the religious crowd isn't a marginalized crowd. They actually run this country. Look at what's happening with the abortion stuff as proof. Punching them doesn't do harm.

  13. He didn’t make fun of trans people. He made fun of activists, most of which aren’t even trans themselves these days. They are far, far from a marginalized group. They are privileged and virtue signaling.

  14. Getting engaged at the age of 67, it kind of goes without saying the relationship is not built to last.

  15. I’ve seen couples married in their 60s that lasted 30 years or more. Never too late for love.

  16. Tony Bennett and his wife Susan married in his mid-60s, and they’ve been together almost 40.

  17. If you're gonna fight (even fires) its tradition to lose the shirt

  18. I suppose your car wouldn’t be very useful if someone broke into your home to attack your family either.

  19. Tube sock to be specific. If someone grabs for your bat, they get the sock that slides off your bat. Then beat them with the bat while they hold the sock.

  20. Is this something people just know about? How did that happen?

  21. lol i read this while on the toilet lol!!!

  22. When I read it, I exhaled out of my nose slightly faster than usual.

  23. That's just not true, though. Fish gets fishier (in a bad way) as it degrades in freshness.

  24. Yes, you and I both know that. Not everyone does. There are some people that think that the fish come out of the ocean as fishy as they can be, and as they age, they lose their fishiness.

  25. I’ve run into the same complaint. Some people think fish that’s really fresh is “fishier” tasting, and loses that flavor over time. She might have been trying to say the fishy flavor was stronger than she expected, so she figured it was too fresh.

  26. I have heard people complain that straight people use partner. It's mind-boggling. We use the word so much to not have to out ourselves or our partners, and now people are mad that straights are HELPING with that cause?

  27. My cis brother and his cis woman say “partner” when they have to refer to each other when speaking to someone else. They’ve been together over a decade, and do not plan on marrying for their own reasons. The way they explain it, “husband” and “wife” are not comfortable for them, but once you are a couple in your late 30s who have been together for over 10 years, “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” kind of starts to sound goofy.

  28. Michael Scott ]: [long pause]  It bothers me that you're not answering the question.

  29. I don’t know how I ended up in this sub, but the fact that no one here got your reference means that I probably haven’t been missing much.

  30. I understand the thinking behind trans girls having an advantage over cis girls (at least for a while).

  31. The common response I see, is that they would be disqualified for taking testosterone in women’s sports, same as a cis woman taking performance enhancing drugs would be.

  32. Being against one of those doesn’t mean you have to be for the other. You can be concerned about the long-term effects of puberty blockers, even if you don’t care one way or the other about trans women in sports.

  33. This is scare mongering. Border patrol are on the scene as they were called to the scene. A lone border patrol cop killed the shooter whilst waiting for back up.

  34. I don’t follow what’s going on here.

  35. Im thinking either you smoke too much, don’t dump your ashtray enough, or a little of column A and column B.

  36. Take her to the event, then maybe give her something cute that’s related to open on her actual birthday. A souvenir from the event, or maybe a framed photo of both of you there.

  37. I thought the story was that he kidnapped 3 girls. I never heard of this and can't find any record of him ever being kidnapped on google.

  38. He’s the topic of a newish show called “Rich and Shameless”, and they talk about it there.

  39. This sounds like an issue that’s growing at your restaurant, and not just for you. It sounds like a source of bad blood through the staff. That usually happens when someone in the staff is in some way responsible for someone else’s tips. Maybe it’s time for management to look into the system?

  40. You said the manager would be able to tell. Does that mean it was on a card? It would take some balls to try to hide a tip from a coworker when it’s logged on the credit card report. If it was cash though, would you ever know?

  41. Fair enough. Then he's stolen from others in the restaurant.

  42. Or, it’s also possible that OP is mistaken.

  43. No lmao. Just no. In response to OP being a busser: our bussers share tips and when I used to bus at the same restaurant I now serve at, I would do everybody’s work for the same tipshare. I can’t comprehend why you would support tip pooling even if you’re a busser.

  44. Yeah, if anything I’ve mostly seen theft when people tried to keep tips in their pocket and out of the bucket.

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