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  1. it´s just a reminder to watch Die Hard 1&2 as christmas Movies.

  2. I give it three years before it becomes a pen around the Iron Horse out towards Greene County.

  3. Unfathomably brutal. I remember the news then and it is still equally jarring in 2022.

  4. Never turn down an opportunity that teaches you a new skill.

  5. RP with a goatee is still throwing me for a loop. Even when I talk with him in person I can’t stop staring at it. Looks like a villain poorly hiding from the Feds 😂.

  6. Brick Kicker. Very thorough on inspection. Daniel Peikin for realtor. He gets things done.

  7. We have kids but we also have nice music rooms now! I’m always down to play with you. You’re a natural talent.

  8. I was surprised to learn this week that the #24 had little history prior to Jeff Gordon.

  9. Off-hand, I'm only aware with it having been driven by Cecil "Flash" Gordon. (No relation)

  10. Golden Age was on my radar Summer 2020 due to Tumblr recommendations.

  11. Where are you getting the 20 or 25' thing from? My understanding is that normal side setbacks would apply, which is something like 6', and either 10 or 15' on the back. So ADUs would fit on small lots too.

  12. Grid Girls- Grid Bubbas: Yet another reason NASCAR is superior.

  13. The museum is a must. Doesn’t matter how long the line is, get in it and get inside. There’s also a water fountain by the lobby restroom. On that note: hydrate big time. Bring sunblock, a hat, lite layers, and sunglasses. Earplugs aren’t necessary but help. If you’re driving, stash a cooler in the car with snacks and cold drinks. You’ll be sitting in traffic for at least 90 minutes to get off the speedway property.

  14. That's a sweet piece. On the Dale Jr Download with Spencer, Dale tells a great story on how he always hated seeing any Spencer diecasts around the office.

  15. The thing I loved most Bout that episode was how many races Spencer had wrapped up when something wild happened and he was victimized time and time again. Bro had a lot of wins stolen coming out of turn four.

  16. Action/RCCA did a great job in that era. The Taurus cars were top notch replicas. Not my favorite era of the sport but I’m often drawn to pick up Taurus cars because they look so good and the quality is measures above current Lionel stuff.

  17. The original designation for Superspeedway was a track over 1 mile in length.

  18. I imagine Cali n Tito’s will have it on one of their projector screens.

  19. Agreed. Then we could get GOAT JJ in a GOAT Brian Scott throwback for Darlington.

  20. For a taste of how local Republicans, including the recent mayoral candidate are handling the news, peep the comment section here:

  21. Hendrick did it in 1995 as well, entering the #58 with Jimmy Horton (who was then replaced by Jeff Purvis) to help Jeff Gordon.

  22. No, the car was sponsored by the Leukemia Society, although an AC Delco car did play a role.

  23. That’s right. I was there. Took some pictures too. The ARCA race was won by Tim Steele who I believe was driving an old Junior Johnson T-bird.

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