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  1. But every move becomes problematic, at least to some extent, if people expect it and are right.

  2. they could definitely do better with being careful with the customizations. i don't think they need to be banned--though i'm glad they do so in tournaments--but i do think care needs to be taken in tekken 8 to make sure important visual cues aren't obscured.

  3. A toggle would be infinitely better. Many of the default outfits can be made total eyesores easily with just re-colouring them. Or you can make them pure white and then hope for a snow map so your opponent has to focus harder just to see your character.

  4. she's good to get fundamentals down if they want to actually learn real tekken since scrub characters like Claudio or Katrina just promote bad habits and by the time they get in too deep, they're way too reliant on their scrubby moves like claudio hopkicks, his b1, and katarina 333 or her hopkicks as well, while as a Kazumi you really have nowhere to hide. IF they stick with her a bit and learn to play fundamental based game, then they wouldn't be developing bad habits like panic hopkicks as much.

  5. I've had first-hand experience with learning to rely on scrubby strats way too much. Had to make a conscious choice to completely stop using orbital for a while to improve at all.

  6. But you're just proving my point. She's not best thought of as a real character. She's now just a learning device. I've seen pros boast about getting her to TGO, the implication being that it's such a chore now. I shouldn't be able to play a better "fundamental" game with cheesier characters, yet I can. She's in bad shape.

  7. Nah, she's a real character now. Being simple isn't always bad. Like the biggest downside is just that you can't throw out shit without thinking about it and get away with it.

  8. I have conflicting thoughts. Visually it looks cool as hell.

  9. That's an evasive attack, he moves right during it. I'd feel disappointment if King's spring kick connected.

  10. It's still an issue. Why is the most effective form of sideways-evasion some yolo move and not sidestepping. I'm 99% sure that OP would've got clipped if at that same moment he had tried to use actual movement to move out of the way instead of doing that move.

  11. pros of purifying: increased CP (costs less candies/dust to make them usable), you get rid of the move frustration (a bad move, but CAN be removed on shadows during events), take less damage, slightly higher stats

  12. I have a question, though. Gyms and raids, is a max cp shadow mewtwo really necessary? I don't think I've ever lost a gym fight and all the raids are just fine with like... 2k+ cp pokemon.

  13. all the raids are fine with 2k+? bro how you do a legendary raid alone with that?!

  14. The real question is why would anyone raid alone, when you can just use poke genie and inivite 5 people.

  15. Kazuya can skip the d input and still get ewgf

  16. They could be perfect, no way to tell from input history alone. The input isn't all there is to it, you also need to be really fast.

  17. You really think pluggers wouldn't just start plugging earlier?

  18. "I don't have 1,000,000 hours to invest in getting good!!!!" -guy who probably wouldn't put the time in even if he had it

  19. It's been only ~230,000 hours since tekken 2's release. Surely that's not enough to learn kbd if you have a life.

  20. Because you'd prefer them to use teacher gimmick instead? Or what's up with the picture?

  21. No, I Just don't want Namco to use the streamer gimmick as a doorway to sexualize Julia. For all we know the scholar outfit could just be a costume for the camera.

  22. I don't think it's the devs you need to worry about. They could dress the characters in the most less-revealing winter clothing you can imagine and some dudes will be like "Hell yeah, she must be so sweaty under all that. I want to lick her armpits"

  23. It's just boring to play against. I also think it is boring to play that way. The rewarding feeling you get when you play with a diversity of moves is great. I just can't imagine that if you win with such a limited array of moves you'll still feel like "wow, that was great" after 100 wins. When you encounter the 10th Lucky Chloe with the same One-Trick it's just getting on my nerves.

  24. People are different. I personally think it's a great feeling if you can outplay someone with just a very minimal amount of moves.

  25. Yeah, a lot of moves gain and lose tracking properties at certain specific frames and it may be matchup specific. I don't recommend going too deep down that rabbit hole.

  26. Feng's b4 allmost homing(but tracks halla good to both sides) 12 frame safe mid

  27. How does it seem linear? He clearly does a horizontal kick, which is the opposite of what linear moves look like

  28. Sure, thing, that is why it should track to one side only (to the left)

  29. Maybe, but that has nothing to do with moves that seem linear but aren't.

  30. I don't really care. I just wish they touch up the animations so the mid evasion at least makes sense visually if it happens.

  31. Project L might. But even then i think it will be popular for a week and people will go back to lol after that

  32. Most people will quit when they realize what the L in "Project L" actually stands for. A pure 1v1 hard L

  33. Yeah, most people don't really get to enjoy the high damage combos. I have some friends who tried and dropped the game and the major complaint was that they lost even though they pressed every button on the controller.

  34. I mentioned how this move can be reacted to if you want to go back and read my original comment. Your definition of "Reactable" not a real word it appears because auto correct doesn't have a correction for it, is not the same as my definition of reacting to this guys spams lol. To react to something does not mean it needs to be perfect, but its better to react and be wrong than to not do anything like this kaz.

  35. Look, when we talk about fighting games and say something can be reacted to, it means doing the correct response as a reaction to that move after recognizing that move. It's not my definition, it's commonly used by the communities.

  36. Lol, I would say start with that next time someone rambles about this topic. I appreciate the definition and context, I am new to the fgc and was not familiar with the terminology you were using it appears.

  37. Go to practice mode, pick an opponent, select "punishment training" from the menu. Easy way to understand how to punish unsafe moves.

  38. How is it the same thing when in the other scenario the match doesn't happen and in the other it does?

  39. So why not just skip playing the game at all and save even more time? Seems a lot more convenient. A big part of the game is to learn to deal with the matchups you don't like.

  40. You are approaching it wrong. You don't need to know all of everything. You need to know only what a character uses for mixups, pressure, panic, and 50/50 and you can literally ignore every other move they have unless you want to play them because you don't have to actually react to it. There is a very small subset of reliable moves, and you only need to learn those if you are overwhelmed. Fight who you can't beat, turtle as best you can, watch your replays and lab whatever had you stumped. Rinse and repeat for an hour a day and within a month you will laugh at yourself for even talking about knowledge checks at all. If you can't commit to practice then I don't know what to tell you.

  41. But man, even every string with more than 1 hit is a knowledge check if you're starting out. You need to know the string. Or learn to recognize them on the fly. Maybe it's a more obscure 3-hit-string and the last hit has ch properties. If you don't know that, you may press there and lose.

  42. You're maybe contributing to the reason why people hate jin mains. You're here saying people should hate ling and eddy, but not jin. Because jin is honest or some bs?

  43. well from what i heard and read its not the character thats hated its the players who play him are not liked

  44. Yeah, I think a lot of people don't really have an issue with jin as a character. I don't mind playing against jin, those are fun games.

  45. The way I do it is that I just hold the b input down and sort of tilt my thumb to get the d input too. Might help if you keep your thumb closer to the center of the dpad

  46. Hmm so if you hold the back input and just tap down it registers as a db?

  47. Yes, sliding into db from b is exactly what you're supposed to do for the best results. And your thumb barely needs to move, it's a very small movement you should do in order to do it fast and precise.

  48. Yea it is pretty impractical but I'm pretty sure playstation and consoles like that allow you to swap the function of the left and right analog which would surely make it easy?

  49. But like even if you change the right stick to work for movement, it's still not nearly as practical as hitbox/mixbox/keyboard.

  50. Not unless you want to. You've now reached the point where something needs to change about your gameplay for you to improve.

  51. Maybe they're not as toxic as you think. Law's moveset feels kind of toxic, but that has nothing to do with the player.

  52. I understand the moveset and I cannot be mad because the player is using the specific move, especially if it's doing it's job - it's my thing to react to it and do sth about it. I am talking strictly about post game teabagging, backflipping, kicharging etc.

  53. Oh right, well I guess law does attract people like that because he has some really abusable stuff. Kind of like hwoarang. I'd assume those people just want some easy wins so they can feel good about themselves.

  54. While there's truth to this, you ignore one of the key aspects. Memory.

  55. Oh, you don't even know how much worse it could be.

  56. Ok, I can admit a mistake when I make one. You definitely know how much worse it could be.

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