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  1. Ahh, yes, the roaring twenties. When money had more value and life was wonderfully affordable.

  2. There will always be people who complain about the most arbitrary of things such as this.

  3. Bahahhaha. The next thing you are going to do is try to sell me a milwaukee vacuum pump!

  4. Trane is garbage in the territory we work in. The inducers on gas packs have an incredibly high fail rating, and constantly replacing leaking evap coils.

  5. How about when you're working on something more than 10 years old and you wait 40 mins just for them to say "sorry, we don't offer support on units ten years or older"

  6. Hahahaha. Thanks for informing me of this. I will certainly remember next time I come across a ten year old trane unit.

  7. It all revolves around a gun store/range. And they're desperately trying to find a part for their friend before he gets scrapped.

  8. Rollout switch was the hero in this scenario. The flame was on for 36 seconds before the flame began to slowly crawl to the front of the plate, where the rollout switch was placed. Just underneath the gas valve. :0

  9. Got me a carrier today hope I go back to swap it out they are cake lol. Nothing like finding cracked exchangers on a pm yep skip this unit lol.

  10. Is that a snake cam?! I have been browsing for one and really want one for this exact reason.

  11. Oh yeah? Well if it was round explain to me why it’s so easy to make things level! Some people’s kids, I swear

  12. Well. If the earth is flat, why does my life keep going downhill. Ha! Explain that one.

  13. Ok, that makes too much sense. The government is keeping us down with indoctrination and taxation. OK, you win, the earth is flat.

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