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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. Yep yep yep. I’m fucking sick of high road defeatism. I want our reps to get mad, get nasty, and fucking fight for us.

  2. The following is from Ma-2 rep Jim McGovern. I am proud to be represented by this man.

  3. Ah, the we cant have an indictment until we get a notarized confession with videotape backup and 5 notarized witnesses defense. Trumps cult is immune to any evidence whatsoever, so I really dont understand this line of thinking. There is plenty of evidence to find him guilty, the only think lacking is an AG not a Federalist Society stooge.

  4. There are cracks forming where Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump. over 60% of the country believes he needs to be indicted. Fox has begun to show the hearings and some of the anchors have begun addressing crimes committed.

  5. There were 10 indictable crimes in the Mueller report and they didn’t even get to Trump himself. Bat killed the investigation.

  6. Putting through a Supreme Court justice is just the matter of a simple majority. They can't filibuster it

  7. First, they don't have a majority. Manchen would never vote for it. Second, show me the source for a simple majority vote will allow them to expand the court.

  8. Your first source has NOTHING about packing the court or the filibuster. Your second source says exactly what I said under the heading What about the filibuster. Then you downvoted for me asking about a source.

  9. No, they'll just go to Canada and get a secret abortion

  10. This ruling didn't outlaw abortion in the US. It just gave states the ability to make abortion illegal within their borders. So rich people don't have to go to Canada. Although if you're poor and on central/southern Texas getting to the next state where abortion is available might as well be Canada

  11. Yes but Mitch McConnell has intimated he'd like to pass a bill making it a federal crime if they get power again.

  12. More than half the court was appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote and confirmed by senators representing a minority of the population. One seat was outright stolen as it was "too close to ane election" and the very next seat was filled by the same assholes even closer to an election.

  13. The popular vote isn't how we determine the presidency. It should be, but it isn't. Trump stole one seat and something shady with Kennedy. The POTUS chooses a SCOTUS appointee. So It should have been Merrick Garland. The other two seats were his to choose. RBG should have bowed out and retired in President Obama's term. We had a perfect storm of fuckery and bad decisions that caused the last 50 years of progress to be in jeopardy.

  14. I'm sick and tired of all our rights and freedoms and prosperity being taken away by a series of continually perfect storms. Enough is enough.

  15. I'm with you. Though keep in mind we did just get some gun control in a perfect storm of mass shootings, weakened GOP due to 1/6, and the fact that it's a weak sauce bill.

  16. They need to double down on that abstinence only birth control. It's going to work any day now.

  17. I worked with a guy a long time ago. I told him to put 120 pounds (PSI) into an air tank to put air in the tires of some vehicles on the property. He filled it up and then said, "Now what?". I said, "You take it out there and put air in the tires." His face dropped, he said "I can't lift that." It took me a moment of disbelief to process what he said and then I laughed so hard my back cracked.

  18. That is what we do. If I meet someone who eats those sugary cereals I'm judging you. Eat some toast and coffee like a normal person, or some oatmeal.

  19. Judge away. I'm the one eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and you're missing out on life and don't know it.

  20. I want my pancakes the size of my head and as thick as an encyclopedia

  21. And a carafe of coffee to wash it down with, black as my soul in the middle of December.

  22. And now I know why they’re so maliciously against blowjobs, so women can’t steal their power back

  23. I've got a sharp pain in my neck and no ambition to work this morning. I've got to get my shit together today.

  24. mcac says:

    But people with prior DV convictions against spouses/cohabitating partners were already banned, this only expands it slightly to include non-cohabitating partners. Which is good, but not exactly the "major victory" this is being praised as.

  25. Any victory is a major victory in gun control. It's such a 3rd rail issue that ANY progress has to be incremental.

  26. Never been to Europe but I've traveled internationally. Passport. If you can live on just a carryon do that, checking luggage is a pain in the ass. Also don't be that person who brings one the size of a human body and hope you can get on the plane.

  27. Your dreams don't define you, it's okay to let them go when they no longer make you happy.

  28. People throw the word fetish around too much. It's not just something you enjoy, it's something you cannot reach sexual release without. If you have a thing for feet, but can still have an orgasm if you're not thinking about feet or touching them in any way, it's not a fetish.

  29. A few hurricanes. Water came up into the yard, and lost power for a days, but the generator ran fine.

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